- Last Updated : October 25, 2019

Top 10 Best 80 85 Inch TV in 2019 Review

Are you living in a bigger home with a large sitting room? You have to option but to buy a large TV which will give you stunning images and better resolution. A TV which is in between 80-85 inches will do better. A TV with this size is hard to find hence one needs to make a thorough search.

However when purchasing these TV you need to consider the following; screen resolution (higher resolution gives the best performance), color accuracy (HDR technology improves color clarity, image quality & sharpness), visual quality (should have a wider viewing angle) and cost of the screen. These big screens TVs are best for gaming when entertaining a large crowd and they give a clear picture. Below are some of the best 80-85 inches TV in the market today.

#1. Sony XBR-X850G 85-Inch Ultra-Model

Compatible with Google Home & Alexa

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This is a 4K Ultra-HD LED TV. It has a measurement of 85-Inch which is large enough for use in a big room. The screen has a high dynamic-range which includes uncovering improved detail, brightness, & contrast using HDR & 4K UHD-resolution.

The screen display produces a broader-spectrum lively greens blues & reds. The screen has no motion-blur because of Motion flow XR-technology. The screen has a cool and clear sound. The TV has an in-built Google Assistant. It is compatible with Google Home & Alexa. The package comes with 85-inch TV, IR blaster, user manual, remote, stand, power cord, batteries & start guide.

#2. LG-82UM8070PUA Surround-Sound bar Wireless

Has a big soundbar

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This screen is 82 inches in size. It is a 4K-HDR Smart LED TV. It is equipped with a soundbar measuring 31 inches which delivers cool sounds. This TV is compatible with Google Assistant & Alexa. It is slim hence occupies less space.

The screen comes together with remote control, battery magic-remote and power cable. This screen gives a clear and sharp image. It also wide-viewing angle which keeps one enthralled together with spectacular realism. It is simple to operate.

#3. Samsung UN82NU8000-Flat UHD-Smart

Has Bixby Voice

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This screen is 82-inches in size. The screen is 4K UHD Smart LED television. The Ultra-Slim Array dynamically-fine tunes the depth of blacks, to the brightness of whites, for an image with amazing contrast. This television has a dynamic crystal clear color.

It has extended the world of shades where more of colors HDTVs can’t repeat which makes all the variance. You can appreciate a crisp, smooth action also in the quickest scenes. It is easy to operate and use. It is best for streaming & lives television shows. This TV comes with Bixby Voice.

#4. Samsung QN82Q6-Flat QLED-Smart

Has ambient mode

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Samsung QN82Q6 has a measurement of 82 inches. It is a 4K UHD six Series Smart television. The screen is capable to display from the brightest to darkest scenes. One can view shades in movies & shows pop in fabulous high dynamic variety. The screen is equipped with Bixby’s voice.

The product has a desirable design that has a clean-cable solution that allows one to concentrate on a television minus the clutter. The screen has a resolution of 3840 by 2160. The screen is equipped with an ambient mode which elevates your living-room with attractive content, your photos, useful data, and background music.

#5. Sharp PN-LE801 Brilliant-Commercial

Gives brilliant HD images

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Sharp PN-LE801TV is 80 inches in measurement. The screen gives brilliant HD videos with 300 Cd/m2-Bright. It is simple to operate and use. This television has a maximum resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels which give out a sharp & clear image.

The TV HAS 1.07-billion colors which give a maximum display. It is simple to install. This product is cheap hence more affordable. The screen also has a stereo audio-system which gives a clear and sharp sound. This device comes with a remote control which allows one to conveniently control it.

#6. VIZIO Inches-Ultra Smart-E80 E3

It has in-built chrome cast

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VIZIO television is a 4K-Ultra HD image. It has over 8 million pixels and 4 times the-resolution of 1080 pixel Full HD. This screen comes with a remote to peruse & launch top-apps & content straight from the large screen. It is easy to set-up & controls one’s display using the remote.

This television screen has in-built chrome cast which allows applications on one’s mobile device & stream to the display. It is easy to use & install. One is also able to use his or her smartphone to regulate your E-Series power on and off.

#7. Sharp LC-80UQ17U 80-inch Aquos-1080p

Has more input ports

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This is an 80 inches smart LED-TV. The screen has a refresh rate of 240Hz. It also has an LED edge-lit which is backlit. This device has different input ports which include HDMI ports, PC input, 2 USB, MHL, and RS-232C.

The device comes with 2-pairs of Bluetooth 3D-glasses and universal remote. The device weighs 150 lbs. it is slimmer hence occupies less space. It has a screen resolution of 1080 pixels. It is easy to install and operate it.

#8. Sharp-LC 80LE650U 80-Inch-Aquos 1080p

Has an attractive appearance

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This smart LED screen has a refresh rate of 120Hz. The screen measures 80 Inches. The backlight is of LED which is a full array. The stand is more stable and strong. The device has different input which includes RS-232C, 2 USB, MHL, PC input & 4 HDMI.

The screen comes with a universal remote. It has a resolution of 1080 pixels. The product weighs 125 lbs. it has a slimmer design that allows it to save on space. The screen is made with high-quality appearances on thin-bezels which creates a contemporary look & feel.

#9. Samsung QN82Q90RAFXZA-Flat QLED-Smart

Has a wide-viewing-angle

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Samsung QN82Q90RAFXZA measures 82 inches in size. It one hundred percent color volume which has quantum dots. The screen gives you a billion colors of brilliant shades. The intense regions of precision-controlled LEDs automatically change the contrast between clean whites & ultra-deep blacks.

It is easy to set it up and operate the device. The device has a quantum-processor that immediately upscale information to 4K which gives sharp detail & refined color. The screen has a wide-viewing-angle to give a vivacious picture despite the position you sit on this big screen-TV.

#10. Sharp LC80LE642U 80-Inch-1080p 120Hz

Saves on power consumption

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Sharp LC80LE642U television is 80 inches in measurement. The screen has a refresh rate of 120Hz. The screen display has a screen resolution of 1080 pixels. The screen also has inbuilt Wi-Fi which allows connectivity.

The product weighs 131.2 lbs. This television has a strong and stable base. It is easy to set it up & operate. It has low energy consumption hence saves one’s power. The device has an in-built speaker which gives out the cool and clear sound.


We usually get carried-away by brand names instead of the value of the product. You are supposed to check on both advantages & disadvantages of the product and get the product that suits your needs. Check out on specifications plus features of the product you are buying. These products were picked depending on the product features and cost. Purchase any of the products from our guide and give your house the best TV experience like never before.