- Last Updated : August 1, 2019

Top 10 Best Adult Tricycles in 2019

By choosing to use one of the top 10 best adult tricycles in 2019. These bikes are made to handle the adult user without compliant. Plus, they can hold a lot of stuff in their carry baskets.

Made for the adult cycling enthusiast who is not into power biking or racing, these bikes will serve their owners well. They are safe, dependable bikes that make life a little easier for their owners.

Take a break from walking and pedal your way through your errands. You will be healthier and have more fun with adult tricycles.

Our adult tricycles review

List Of Top 10 Best Adult Tricycles in 2019

10. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

Single Speed

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Look nice and cool as you pedal through your neighborhood. The wind blowing effortlessly through your hair as you make your way through town doing your errands. That is the feeling you get when you use this top tricycle to ride.

The step through design makes it easier for older adults to get on the adjustable seat. Once on, the your hands can grasp the easy to hold handlebars and brake system. The standard bike brakes make sure you can stop quickly and safely.

26 inch tires help get you to where you are going as they handle most surfaces you need to ride on. You do not have to worry about which gear you are in. This is a one speed where you just pedal as fast as you can.

9. H&ZT Adult Tricycle

H&ZT Adult Tricycle

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The bright orange color scheme n this adult tricycle will keep you visible to the cars on the road. You can pedal in safety knowing everyone can see you. Then, a nice warning bell is attached to the handle bars. If you sneak up on someone you can give them a warning ring to let them know you are behind them.

With 7 speeds t choose from you can get to your destination in a hurry. This bike will hold up to 330 pounds without com[plaint. That is including the weight yo place in its large basket in the rear of the tricycle.

Its seat and handlebars are adjustable. After you bring this trike home, you can adjust them to fit your stature. 24 inch wheels complete this package and make it a worthy adult tricycle to own.

8. Mad Hornet Adult 3-Wheel Trike

Tricycle Adult 3-Wheel

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This nice looking adult tricycle comes with an adjustable seat that sports a back support pad. You can remain in complete comfort knowing your back won’t be sore when you get home.

In addition to that nice feature, the large basket on the rear of the trike holds all your food, and other needed supplies with ease. It measures approx,.. 24 by 18 by 11 inches in size. Once it is full you can use the 7 speeds to make sure you get home in a timely manner.

Also, the 24 inch wheels come with full fenders. If the road is wet, you stay clean and free from mud and water. Easy to use brakes help you stop when you need to.

7. Artudatech 6-Speed Adult Tricycles

Artudatech Single

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Be cool with the old 70s mustang styled handlebars. You can ride down the street pretending you are a gang member as your trike’s handle bars reach into the air. Then this step through design makes it easy for both genders to get on this tricycle and get moving down the road.

All 6 speeds can be used with ease. You can make effortless gear changes without losing control or your head of steam. In addition to that, the adjustable seat makes sure you can ride comfortable.

Plus, 24 inch tires should be hard to pop and make sure your ride is as smooth as possible. A large basket lets you take your lunch with you as you roam the city looking for adventure.

6. Adult Schwinn Tricycle

Adult Schwinn Tricycle

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The white color on this 3 wheeled bike is easy on the eyes. Once you get on, you will look better than ever.Plus, you get a great ride on the 26 inch tires that may be hard to puncture.

After you get on your way, you can use the handy basket in the rear to hold all your things and the items you have purchased. Then you can enjoy a relaxing ride home pedaling through the fresh air.

Also, the adjustable seat and handlebars ensure that you will find your riding sweet spot. There should be no stress after you get those in the right positions. This single speed trike just lets you ride through the streets at your pace. Some assembly is required.

5. Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Trike

Mobo Shift

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Lean back and relax while you ride. This tough recumbent trike lets you lie down on the job and pedal with ease. The adjustable features let you fix the seat where you get the best leg room for pedaling.

If you are under 6’ 3” and taller than 4’, then you can enjoy this tricycle with ease. Also, you need to be under 250 pounds of weight. Plus, the chainless design spares you any maintenance chores. All you have to do is pedal and steer and you will be fine.

A low center of gravity means that you do not have to worry about having a lot of balance. Then the 20 inch front and 16 inch rear tires provide a nice ride so you can concentrate on the great day you are having.

4. Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycles

Mobo Triton Pro

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Low riders are not just for cars. You can cover a lot of ground and be close to the ground with this adult tricycle. Once you get on and cover those gentle rolling hills, your cardio system will improve and so should your health.

This trike is made to hold people weighing up to 250 pounds and measure in height between 4’ and 6’ 3” tall. The steel frame is durable and comes with a maintenance free chainless design.

Along with the tilt seat, you get a 20 inch front tire and 16 inch rear tires to smooth out the road for you. The low riding design is very stable and you should not have any fear of falling over during your ride.

3. Komodo Cycling Adult Tricycles

 Komodo Cycling

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The bright red and white color scheme should keep you visible while you are on the road. Once you get on this trike, you got three 24 inch tires that cover almost any surface you ride over. Plus, the 6 speeds help you ride at the speeds you prefer to go.

On top of that, the adjustable seat comes with a padded back support. Your back should not hurt even after spending hours in the saddle. Also, you get almost full fenders to protect you and your clothing from muddy water.

With a 240 pound weight limit almost anyone can step through and park themselves on this top rated tricycle. The large basket on the back is there for your convenience.

2. Happybuy Adult Tricycles

Happybuy Adult Tricycle

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After you get this tricycle home and ready for riding, you can take off and enjoy your ride like you were 8 again. This tricycle holds up to 300 pounds without complaint. That is including what ever you place inside the convenient basket.

In addition to that, you get 7 speeds t help propel yourself down the road to your next destination. The metal alloy construction materials make sure you are safe every minute you are riding this trike. You should get years of service out of this product.

Full fenders help protect you from the damp puddles that may still be on the road after a hard rain. Then the easy to use braking system helps you stop as quickly as possible.

1. Higley Welding Adult Tricycles

Large Jumbo Adult

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This uniquely designed adult tricycle comes with a broad 32 inch rear wheel base. That size helps keep the trike stable and you should be able to balance on it with ease. It is a tricycle designed to help you get your exercise in.

Plus, you get rugged dual rear wheels and a single front wheel that let yo go off road and enjoy the day. The all terrain frame contributes to that fun and lets you do tricks that you did not know you could do anymore.

A back rest and padded seat make sure your body does not get sore from all those bumps and impacts you are going to receive. This bike is available n 3 colors and it holds up to 550 pounds.

Some final words

Riding around on a tricycle is not for toddlers anymore. These top 10 best adult tricycles in 2019 prove that true. Adults can get great exercise without fear of losing their balance and falling.

These top quality trikes are made from some of the best materials possible then they include a handy basket so you can ride using both hands, Also, they are fun to use and ride.