- Last Updated : November 22, 2019

Best Aluminum Floor Jacks in 2019 Reviews

Give your car a good lift when you need to make repairs, you need a top jack on hand to help you get the job done. One of the top 12 best aluminum floor jacks in 2019 is ready to lend a hand. These floor jacks are made from strong, tough and durable materials so you can count on them all the time.

When you have an emergency that requires lifting your vehicle, you go to these jacks to get the job done. Even if it isn’t an emergency you still can get a lot of good use out of these top aluminum floor jacks.

List Of Our Best Aluminum Floor Jacks Review On Amazon.Com

12. Roadstar Aluminum Steel Racing Car Auto Floor Jack

 1.5 Ton 3000 Lb Aluminum Steel Racing Car Auto Floor Jack Low Profile Rapid Pump Lift

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With a 3,000-pound lift limit, this aluminum floor jack shows off its muscle. Once you slip it under a car you get great lifting power. The long handle also provides you with the leverage you need.

In addition to that, you have a solid floor jack that wheels around on heavy-duty castor wheels. Get it in and out of a position quickly. The approx. 11-inch lift makes sure you have plenty of clearance to get your work done.

A foam bumper pad protects your car’s finish while you pump up the jack.

11. Craftsman 2 Ton Aluminum Jack

 Craftsman 2 Ton Aluminum Jack

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This company has been a top tool-making company for a very long time. It stands to reason that they would produce a top 2-ton aluminum jack like this one. This company has been helping people fix cars for generations.

The jack uses a 2 piece handle to make sure you have the right leverage all the time. Then it has a wide saddle so your car remains secure as it goes up. On top of that, the heavy-duty caster wheels roll fast and easily.

Then with its bright red color, you should be able to find it without delay when you are in a hurry.

10. Torin Big Red Aluminum/Steel Racing Floor Jack

 Torin Big Red Aluminum/Steel Racing Floor Jack, 1.5 Ton

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A 10 1/2 inch lift makes sure you can do minor repairs to your car without worry. The 14 inches approx. The height allows you to place your body under your car without bumping it. Its 3 1/2 minimum height gets under low profile vehicles with ease.

Plus, you have a jack here that lifts 3,000 pounds without batting an eye. Your car goes up without worry as the long handle comes with a padded section. One main front castor wheel handles the rolling duties and the two back ones keep the jack moving fast.

9. Sunex Tools Aluminum Service Jack

 Sunex Tools 6602ASJ Aluminum Service Jack with Quick Lifting System

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Get 2 tons lifted into the air without scratching your car. The latest aluminum jack fad is to cover part of the handle with foam so your car does not get messed up. Then this aluminum floor jack holds 4,000 pounds with ease.

Also, you can get your vehicle about 20 inches off the ground in less than 8 pumps of that handle. Repairs move swiftly when the jack moves quickly. The wide track wheels help provide you with a little stability as the jack holds your car up high.

Then the wide saddle handles the car making sure it won’t fall to the ground unexpectedly.

8. JEGS Professional Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack

 JEGS 80077 3 Ton Professional Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack

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Get a real boost when you can lift 6,000 pounds at one time. Once this jack is under your vehicle it will lift it up and keep it up high till you let the jack down again. The almost 16-inch lift is basically second to none.

On top of that, you have an extra-wide saddle that gives you an almost 5-inch hold on your vehicle. With the rubber pad on the long handle, your vehicle should not get marked up as you pump away. The handle comes in two pieces for easy storage.

7. Sunex 3 Ton Aluminum Lift

 Sunex 6603ASJ 3 Ton Aluminum Lift

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Lifting 6,000 pounds is quite a feat even for aluminum floor jacks. This one handles that task quite easily while putting your car about 19 inches into the air. That is more than enough room to get your work done.

In addition to that, the reinforced lift bar and side walls make sure the job is not too tough for the jack to handle. With top of the line castor wheels providing the stability, you have a great jack that moves in and out of place faster than anything.

Side handles make sure placement is done just as fast.

6. Arcan 3 Ton Professional Grade Service Jack

 Arcan 3 Ton Professional Grade Aluminum And Steel Service Jack

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What do you get when you combine steel and aluminum? A very strong yet lightweight jack that handles all your lifting jobs with ease. The saddle goes from 4 to 18 inches in no time at all. Just pump away to get to your desired height and you are ready to go.

Side handles allow you some flexibility when placing the jack under your car. Just grab the handle and move the jack so it is in the proper position to lift. The standard 2 piece rubber padded handle makes sure those pumps are fast and damage-free.

5. JEGS 4000lb Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack

 JEGS 80006 4000lb Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack Garage Car Truck

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2 piece handle that protects your car while not hurting your back is a good accessory to have. This padded floor jack handle has both features and makes sure you do not overwork yourself pumping your vehicle up.

Also, this jack fits under low profile vehicles and gives them just over 4 inches of the saddle to lift their vehicle. Its almost 16-inch lift leaves you with plenty of space to crawl underneath your car.

Top of the line castor wheels should not give you any trouble when using this jack. In fact, they may help keep the jack more stable.

4. Pittsburgh Compact Aluminum Racing Jack

1.5 Ton Compact Aluminum Racing Jack with Rapid Pump

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All of the standard features needed are on this powerful jack. Not only does it lift 3000 pounds, but it also looks good doing it. Its blue color helps it stand out when not in use. Then the wide saddle has non slip bumps on top to help hold your vehicle in place.

After you pull this jack out from its resting spot, the single front wheel gets it to where you want it to be quickly. 3 1/2 pumps are all it should take to lift your car up away from the ground.

For easy storage, the handle comes apart in two pieces.

3. NOS NSJ0302 3-Ton Aluminum Service Jack

 NOS NSJ0302 3-Ton Aluminum Service Jack Pro Style

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This aluminum floor jack looks professional so you will look professional when you use it. Once under your car, it should lift 3 tons about 15 inches into the air without breaking a sweat. A safety valve prevents overloading.

Plus, you have a bumper protection handle. The rubber wrapped around the lower portion of the handle keeps nicks and dents away from your vehicle. The wide castor wheels help maintain stability as you lift your car.

Everything about this aluminum floor jack is easy. It is easy to move, it is easy to lift heavy objects and it is easy to release it.

2. Liftmaster Aluminum and Steel High Lift Floor Jack

 Liftmaster 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Low Profile High Lift Floor Jack

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Built inside rails allow you to fine-tune the jack’s position without leaving your knees or using the long handle. Just grab and move and you will be good to go in no time. With a 3-ton lifting capacity this jack should be your friend for life.

Also, you have easy to use bumper protecting 2 piece handle. It provides great leverage and allows you to pump up the jack with ease. Up to almost 20 inches high. This lightweight aluminum floor jack keeps the weight off so you do not have to work hard positioning it.

1. Arcan Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jacks

 Arcan ALJ3T 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack-Aluminum Floor Jacks

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When you turn to this top jack to handle your lifting tasks, there is no fuss, no mess nothing. You get a tough jack that lifts up to 6,000 pounds without any drama. This aluminum floor jack does its job when you tell it to do its job.

A 2 piece padded handle, side handlebars, tough castor wheels all combine together to make sure you can get the full benefit from using this jack. Then a rubber saddle makes sure your car stays inside throughout the lifting process.

A bypass and overload valve provide added security for you when something may go wrong.

Some final words

Lifting vehicles is no laughing matter. It is serious work that takes a serious jack to do the job. These top 12 best aluminum floor jack in 2019 are both tough and serious enough to lift your vehicle.

Plus, they handle the weight beautifully providing you between 13 to 19 inches of lift, approx. Then with their heavy-duty castor wheels moving these jacks from place to place should not be a hassle.

When you go with the best, you get the results you need all of the time.