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Top 10 Best Bicycle Trailers in 2019

Cycling is not an individual activity anymore. Not with one of the top 10 best bicycle trailers in 2019 around. These trailers can help you bring your small children along for the ride. Your children get to relax and enjoy the scenery while you do the pedaling.

But as they ride, they do so in comfort and style. Plus, your children are completely safe when you strap them in their harnesses. Your children are safe from the sun’s UV rays with the built-in canopies on these bicycle trailers.

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List Of Top 10 Best Bicycle Trailers in 2019

10. WIKE Moonlite Bike Trailers


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2 of the best features on this bicycle trailer stand out as soon as you see it. First, there is the sun canopy that will protect your children from the sun. Second, is the 5 point harness that keeps them nice and safe inside. There are 2 built-in harnesses for your children to use.

In addition to those upstanding features, you get ample storage space for all yours and your children’s need. There is a deep pocket at the rear of the trailer and plenty of under the seat space to handle all your supplies.

Plus, the trailer hook sup to your bike nice and easily. A quick flick of the wrist and the trailer hitch locks into place. Large tires handle just about any terrain with ease and loading and unloading your children couldn’t be easier.

9. Burley Encore X, 2 Seat Kids Bike Trailer

Burley Encore X

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This bicycle trailer handles 2 jobs in 1. After you get to your destination, you unhook the trailer and turn it into a stroller. Your children will be with you 100% of the time when you are away from home.

Also, an extra wheel is included in your purchase to help the transformation. Then the 20 inch wheels are installed by a push of a button. Simple and easy technique that saves you a lot of time. The handle bar turns into a roll bar when this trailer is attached to your bike.

What also is good about this bicycle trailer is that it has complete sun and weather protection for your child. 4 mesh screens provide the air flow while the solid fabric keeps the sun, rain and other elements away from your child.

8. Hamax Outback Multi-Sport Child Bike Trailer

Hamax Outback Multi-Sport

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Two small children can fit inside this bicycle trailer without being cramped or uncomfortable. Also, it transforms from a trailer to a stroller in seconds. The double lock with safety indicator works fast and allows a smooth transition.

There is even a parking brake so your children do not roll away from you when you are not looking. In addition to all of this the aluminum frame has built-in rollover protection to protect your child in case of accidents.

After you get the bicycle trailer attached to your bike, you can place your kids inside their 5 point harness. This keeps them from falling out as you go up and down hills. On top of this the adjustable shock system allows you to keep your child’s ride nice and smooth.

7. Burley Travoy Bike Trailer

Burley Travoy

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Shopping won’t be such a drag anymore. Not with this handy bicycle trailer around. While it only adds about 10 pounds to your ride, it will hold up to 60 pounds of groceries, auto [parts and other supplies you need to get home.

Then the trailer hitch hooks up and detaches quickly. You won’t waste any time getting this trailer on or off your bicycle. After you hook it up, the large trailer wheels go over just about any terrain and provide you with great traction.

Plus, when you do not need it, this bicycle trailer fold sup fast. The wheels come off so you do not waste any storage space.

6. Wike Heavy Duty Flatbed Bike Trailer

 Wike Heavy Duty

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This bicycle trailer comes in handy when you have odd shaped supplies to haul from one location to another. Its dual rail aluminum fencing holds everything inside with ease. Plus, those rails come off when your load is larger than expected and you need more space.

Also, the quick hitch trailer connection doesn’t take a lot of time to fasten your trailer or unfasten it from your bike. Everything is easy when it comes to this bicycle trailer. Even the tires.

The 20 inch tires [provide you with lots of traction and only needs a push of a button to remove from or put on the trailer. Rounded edges and plastic end caps makes sure this trailer is safe to be around.

5. Schwinn Joyrider Double Bicycle Trailers

Schwinn Joyrider

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Protect your kids from flying bugs by pulling down the mesh screen front. The screen keeps the bugs and rocks away from your kids while giving them great air flow. Plus, a weather shield will keep the sun and the rain out giving your children maximum riding comfort.

Once your kids are strapped inside their safety harness, the steel and aluminum frame provides the strength and support you need to know your kids are nice and safe inside.

This bicycle trailer can hold up to 2 kids weighing 40 pounds each. Plus, you can get another 12 pounds of supplies inside the storage pocket. Also, this bicycle trailer fold sup nice and small so you can take it with you on your many outdoor excursions.

4. COPILOT Bicycle Trailers

CoPilot Model T

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You and your kids will stay visible all day long and long into the night with this bright yellow colored bicycle trailer. Once you have it attached you and your kids should be seen for miles. In addition to that safety feature, you also get a strong metal frame that holds up to 100 pounds.

After your kids are strapped into their comfortable seats with the 5 point harness, you can ride over a lot of terrain on i=this trailer’s 20 inch tires. 2 up to 40 pound kids fit easily inside leaving you room for supplies and other necessities.

It is possible that this bicycle trailer can be used to bring your dog along on your bike trips.

3. Thule Cadence Bicycle Trailers

Thule Cadence

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This bicycle trailer’s bike hitch is not called an EZ hitch for nothing. It only takes a few seconds to latch it to your bike or unlatch it. Once you have the trailer hooked up to your bike, you can get 2 children inside as long as they are not too heavy.

Then to protect them from the weather a roll up rain cover can be unfurled protecting your little ones from getting wet. After the rain has stopped, the mesh screens provide the air flow your children need to stay cool.

If you want to stay visible a handy little flag attaches to the rear of the trailer to help keep you in the driver’s line of sight.

2. Burley Bee, 2 Seat Kids Bike Trailer

Burley Bee

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It may have the colors of a bee but it does not sting,. Instead, this brightly colored bicycle trailer lets everyone know you are on the road with your little tykes. Two children can fit inside comfortably as long as they do not weigh more than 45 pounds each.

Plus, Mesh screens combine with the solid fabric to provide good air flow and protection from the sun or rain. Then a push of the button removes or places the tires on your bicycle trailer. The 20 inch tires should be able to handle most terrain you cross.

On top of this, you get a 5 point harness to make sure your kids are secure and protected at all times.

1. Burley Design Tail Wagon Bike Trailer

Burley Design

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The good news that comes with this bicycle trailer is that it can convert to a stroller in no time at all. When it is time to get off your bike, lock it up and walk, you can bring your kids with ease.

Then the 16 inch tires work hard to make sure the ride your kids get is a smooth one. Or you can use this bicycle trailer to bring your pet along for the ride. Just make sure in either case you remain under the 75 pound weight limit.

Also, waterproof covers protect your kids from both the sun and the rain and mesh panels makes sure there is enough air flow to keep your kids nice and cool.

Some final words

When you want to take your kids on your bike trips, look no further than one of the top 10 best bicycle trailers in 2019. These trailers are made from top construction materials that are strong enough to keep your children safe, secure and well protected.

Plus, they are generally brightly colored so you and your passengers stay visible all the time you are on the road. Go with the best so you can have some peace of mind.