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When you are on a long drive on your motorcycle, the riding experience can get boring at times, especially when there is nothing spectacular to see around. That is why carrying a motorcycle helmet speaker to listen to some quality music is a great idea. There are Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers available that you can install easily and have a great time riding on your motorcycle. Check out the top 10 best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers to opt for.


1, LEXIN Riders Motorcycle Intercom Headset

LEXIN LX-B4FM 4 Riders Motorcycle Intercom, Universal Helmet Communication System, Waterproof Bluetooth Headset with Speakers for Motorcycle Helmet 1600m Range TOP 10 BEST BLUETOOTH MOTORCYCLE HELMET SPEAKERS IN 2019 REVIEWS

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The Bluetooth motorcycle headphone speaker will let you have hands free communication for convenient calls. It lets you perform multiple functions like listening to music, GPS voice guidance, and FM radio. Moreover, this has stable connectivity and has wide compatibility. In this, you will find a built-in FM tuner that lets you have a convenient time.

This is also compatible with intercom and covers a range of 1600 meters. Furthermore, it is highly functional and runs on a lithium-ion battery. It has a standby time of 350 hours and allows music streaming of up to 15 hours. The microphone delivers high volume and features advanced noise cancellation technology. Additionally, this will allow you to ride comfortably and provide you with multiple options.


Multiple functions and easy connectivity.

Intercom range of 1600 meters.

Advanced noise cancellation and powerful battery.


It is slightly difficult to pair at once.

2, Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Headsets by FreedConn

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Modular Full Face Helmets DOT Approved Helmet with Wireless Intercom Headsets for Men Women(Matte Black, Medium)

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Available in many different colors, the Bluetooth motorcycle headphone speaker lets you choose from different sizes. This allows for stable communication as it has Bluetooth intercom function. Additionally, this gives you multiple options including music and track the GPS system for your convenience. Moreover, you can easily connect it with two of your friends and covers a range of 500 meters.

This will give you full-duplex benefits and comes with safety features. You can have the comfort of hands-free call and listen to music from anywhere you want. Furthermore, this allows making smooth communication and is made of high-quality materials. It comes with a ventilation system and is very lightweight. This includes removable cheek pads that let you clean it conveniently.


Stable communication with Bluetooth intercom function.

Safe materials and full-duplex benefits.

Removable cheek pads and enhanced ventilation.


It is not effective when there is heavy wind noise.

3, HuanGou Helmet Bluetooth Headset

HuanGou Helmet Bluetooth Headset, BT-S2 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Headset up to 3 Riders 1000M Bluetooth Helmet Headphones Speakers Communication Systems Ski Walkie-Talkie for Snowmobile (2 Pack)

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If you are looking to have a stable Bluetooth communication while riding, then this is one for you. This has full-duplex intercom and delivers superior performance. Furthermore, it lets you make crystal clear conversation as it comes with advanced DSP echo cancellation. You can easily use it on noisy roads and avoid losing contact. It has ultra-wideband for wireless music streaming and gives the convenience of hands-free calls.

Moreover, this supports automatic answering, and you don’t have to make any effort for listening to music. This also has wide compatibility and lets you use it conveniently. The Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speaker has easy operation and comes with waterproof housing. Additionally, this is made of silicone material and makes your riding exciting.


Waterproof design and silicone material.

DESP echo cancellation for clear calls.

Ultra-wideband and full-duplex intercom.


The sound quality could have been better.

4, Baile Motorcycle Helmet Headset

Baile Motorcycle Helmet Headset, Bluetooth Headset,Wireless Helmet Heaphones Communication Systems for Motorbike

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Equipped with many amazing features, the Bluetooth motorcycle headphone speaker delivers efficient performance. This is easy to install and lets you hear crystal clear voice. With it, you will have the advantage of making hands free calls, and you can even listen to music. Moreover, it runs with a rechargeable battery and has outstanding standby time. You will also find the feature of a smart reminder that lets you set the device according to your convenience.

Additionally, it also supports power display on your iPhone, and you can check the battery status. Furthermore, this will make your riding convenient and includes a user manual. This will let you save time is it charges in less than an hour. It runs off automatically when there is no device.


Smart reminder for user advantage.

Power display on iPhone.

Automatic turn off and quick charging.


The average rating is relatively low.

5, NikoMaku Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

NikoMaku Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Helmet Headphones Bluetooth Helmet Speakers Earphone Intercom for Helmets Wireless Headphones with Microphone Sound System for Motorcycle 0.27 inches Silm

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Available in a slim design, this one will let you wear it comfortably for extended hours. The Bluetooth motorcycle headphone speaker comes with echo and noise cancellation that lets you hear crystal clear voice. Moreover, this will provide you with many advantages and has extended operating time. Furthermore, it is easy to set up and does not require any maintenance.

It has a powerful Bluetooth 4.0 chip and has a discrete look. You can easily control the music according to your advantage and answer or reject a call. Additionally, this runs on a Li-ion battery of 250mAh and is in an easy to install design. This comes in a complete set and includes four Velcro hooks and a manual for user convenience.


Quick installation with Velcro hooks.

Slim design and stable connectivity.

Easy operation and efficient performance.


The operation is relatively difficult.

6, UClear High Definition Helmet Speakers

UClear Digital Pulse Wired Drop-in High Definition Helmet Speakers

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Available in an upgraded design, the motorcycle headphone speaker comes with standard 2.5 mm audio jack with gold plating. It will let you make effortless communication and has an easy setup. Moreover, it has the ability to deliver high fidelity audio that makes you listen to HD-quality sound. Furthermore, it includes an installation mount set and is perfect for enhancing your listening experience.

It comes in an ultra-lightweight design and smoothly transfers from helmet to helmet. Additionally, this is in a pulse design that lets you swap the speakers quickly without the use of any tools. It delivers extreme bass, unsurpassed music, and crisp sound making it a highly suitable product. This has a discrete look and easily plugs in different devices.


Pulse design and lightweight housing.

High fidelity audio for superior sound.

Crisp music and effortless communication.


The construction could have been better.

7, Alta Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Headphones

Alta Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Drop In Headphones- HD Speakers Compatible with any Audio Ready Ski / Snowboard Helmet - 3 Button Glove Friendly Controls with Microphone for Hands Free Calls.

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This Bluetooth motorcycle headphone speaker has an attractive look and gives you a wireless advantage. This has 40 mm drivers the delivers dynamic sound at any volume level. With it, you can make hands free calls, and it has an easy operation. Moreover, you can even activate Google Voice or Siri and change the playlist. Furthermore, this has a built-in microphone and comes with universal compatibility.

This comes audio ready and is in a convenient design. You don’t have to remove your headphone for making calls as it gives you multiple advantages. Additionally, this has a rugged construction and has extreme temperature resistance. It is also resistant to sweat and has a powerful battery with a running time of 10 hours.


Rugged construction and powerful battery.

40mm drivers for outstanding sound quality.

Easy operation and built-in microphone.


There is no con to discuss.

8, EJEAS Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Headset

EJEAS Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth 4.1 Headset E1 Intercom Speakers Headphones Communication Systems Handsfree Calls for Motorbike Skiing

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With this Bluetooth motorcycle headphone speaker, you can connect two mobile phones at a time and have a better advantage. It supports intercom that lets you make convenient communications. Furthermore, this is easy to set up and includes Hi-Fi earphone. Moreover, it lets you make hassle-free calls and comes with a rechargeable battery of 270mAh. You will also find the feature of a smart reminder that gives sound remind.

It comes in a lightweight design and lets you wear it comfortably for extended hours. Additionally, this is in a complete set and includes four magic stickers. It comes with wide compatibility and delivers high-quality sound. This has Advanced Signal Processing Technology and is in a compact design making it ideal for riders.


Complete set and Advanced Signal Processing Technology.

High compatibility and compact design.

Hi-Fi earphone for easy communication.


It is a relatively new product with a low rating.

9, Yideng Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Headset

Yideng Bluetooth Headset Intercom Motorcycle Helmet interphone BT-S2 1000m Walkie-Talkie Headphone Waterproof Wireless Communication System Up to 3 Riders(2 Pack)

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Available in a pack of two, the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speaker supports intercom and has a high range of 120 kilometers per hour. This has a waterproof structure and comes with easy installation. Additionally, it delivers superior performance, and you don’t have to worry about the weather. It also has DSP echo cancellation that delivers high definition audio for smooth calls and superior listening.

Moreover, it has a powerful function and gives you wireless advantage making your ride exciting. This is made of high-quality materials and is ultra-lightweight. Furthermore, you can easily choose from the hands-free profile and headset profile and use it according to your advantage. This delivers a talk time of eight hours and standby time is of 10 days.


Multiple profiles for user advantage.

Powerful battery and lightweight profile.

Intercom facility with high range.


It is not that great for highways.

10, Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom by FODSPORTS

Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom, Fodsports M1S Pro 2000m 8 Riders Group Motorbike Helmet Communication System Headset Universal Wireless Interphone (Waterproof/Handsfree/Stereo Music/GPS/2 Mic)

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The Bluetooth speaker has high compatibility and allows you to have maximum communication. It supports intercom and covers a maximum distance of 2000 meters. This is highly effective and comes with full-duplex support. Moreover, it will give you the advantage of hands-free security, and you can use it for multiple other functions. Furthermore, the high definition sound delivers superior quality sound and allows you to set from manual or automatic answering.

This is waterproof allowing you to use it in any weather condition. The CSR Bluetooth chip can reduce noise for outstanding quality sound. With this, you will be getting a removable metal clip that makes it easy to install. This has a superior battery of 900mAh that offers a talk time of 20 hours.


Powerful battery with 20 hours talk time.

Maximum distance coverage and high-quality sound.

Flexible installation with removable metal clip.


There is no drawback to point out.

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  • Buying Guide For Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speaker –

The following is the list of parameters you have to keep in mind while buying a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speaker.

  • Battery Performance:

The long battery life will let you use your Bluetooth helmet speaker for long hours. Some devices consume more energy as it offers multiple functions. If you want to have wireless benefit from extended range then make sure, it has superior battery life. Some can turn off automatically when there is no connectivity allowing you to save power.

  • Sound Quality:

With better sound, you can listen to high-quality music and listen to clear calls. With loud mids and undistorted sound even at high volumes, you will have the advantage of listening clear audio. You will also have to see if it comes with the noise cancellation feature so that the receiver can hear you without any effort. This is very important in high traffic areas where there can be more noise. High-quality audio will let you hear everything without any distraction.

  • Intercom Feature:

If the Bluetooth speaker supports Intercom, then you can make communication from long distances. This will let you make a group and have an efficient conversation. The intercom range has to be high, and some can cover a distance of up to 2000 meters. You can also see if it offers multipoint pairing and uses it with more than one device.

  • Easy Operation:

A Bluetooth speaker that lets you use it conveniently will give you more advantage. Make sure that it allows for easy answering of calls and have convenient buttons for volume. Other control features including setting up, listening to music, forward/backward feature have to hassle-free.

  • Other Features:

See if it comes in an ergonomic design and lets you wear it comfortably for extended hours. The padded earphone will eliminate any kind of discomfort, and you can even see if it has a lightweight structure. Waterproof housing will let you use it in any type of weather. Even other materials must be of superior quality so that you can use it for a long time.

  • Conclusion –

There are too many cheap-quality Bluetooth motorcycle helmets speakers available, and if you do not do proper research before buying, you may end up with the low-quality speaker. The research part is taken care of by our team members who have listed the top 10 best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers from all the products available online. All you have to do is go through the buying guide and understand the product listed and then make your choice as per your requirements.