- Last Updated : November 23, 2019

10 Best Budget Folding Bikes Buying Guides 2019

Among all types of vehicle, folding bikes have been just about anyone’s most favorite type because not only it doesn’t consume any energy and hence environmental friendly, it’s also portable and space-saving when it comes to bringing along or storing it. With these benefits in mind, it’s a waste if you haven’t got yourself one of the folding bikes. However, if you now change your mind and you’re looking for the best option of folding bike that would suit your budget, below are the top 10 Best Budget Folding Bikes that you can ever find in the market. Keep reading to find out what these brands are.

10. Featuring front and rear Fenders Folding Bicycle by Schwinn

Best Budget Folding Bikes
  Get it now on Amazon.com The first best budget folding bike in the list is from Schwinn. What makes this top 10th folding bike special is that it features strong and durable steel that can support up to the 6-foot rider, so if your height is shorter than this, you’re safe and comfortable to use it. Besides, it can be easily folded to a smaller size that can be measured at only 29.5 inches x 29 inches x 19 inches, so storing it would never be a problem.

Moreover, Schwinn uses up to 7 RevoShift Twist Shifter together with Shimabno Tourney rear, so it can pass through brisk winds smoothly without cutting your speed. Besides, when purchasing this folding bike, you will also get the nylon carry bag that you can use to keep your back safely against scratch. Last but not least, Schwinn also offers a limited lifetime warranty upon the purchase of this folding bike.

9. Folding Mountain Bike by Xspec

9. Folding Mountain Bike by Xspec
  Get it now on Amazon.com Moving on, we have the next product which is also the best folding bike and it’s from Xspec. This folding bike is known to be stronger and faster than typical folding bikes can perform. Moreover, instead of using a traditional V-Brake system, Xspec features disc brakes that don’t wear out your tires, so it allows the tire to last longer because it’s more consistent, so you can judge the brake accurately.

Moreover, the frame is this bike is constructed by high quality and super sturdy steel that allows the bike to be capable of withstanding the rouge mountain trails or road condition. Xspec also has its derailleur and shifters from Shimano products.

This bike is perfect from anyone whose height is from 5’3” to 6”. Without many tools required for the assembling, this bike can be assembled in just a few minutes. Lastly, it is also very easy to fold and it can be done with just a quick second, so it’s very flexible to bring along.

8. 3 Spoke Wheels Dual Suspension Budget Folding Bikes by Eurobike

Best Budget Folding Bikes
  Get it now on Amazon.com Next onto the top 8th best budget folding bike is this bike from Eurobike. Similar to the two previous bikes, this bike also uses derailleur and shifters from Shimano, so this bike has highly reliable shifting. Besides, the bike is also featured dual disc brake which is known to be easy to move around.

What’s also special about Eurobike is that it comes with 85% assembled, so all you have to do left is just to add some remaining part of the bike like pedal, wheel, handlebar, and seat.

Another amazing point about buying the folding bike from this brand is that it has all the warranty whether about shipping or some parts replacement. Hence, for anyone whose height is measured from 5’4″ ~5’9″, this bike is certainly for you.

7. 6 Speed Bicycle Folding City Bike by IDS Home

Best Budget Folding Bikes
  Get it now on Amazon.com Here at the top 7th, we have another highly and best budget folding bike from IDS Home. Measured at 20” folding design, this bike is nothing but a great vehicle for commuting or exercising. It comes with 6-speed shifter and derailleur, so it’s easy to fasten the speed as compares to other bikes.

The bike’s frame is in silver color, so it won’t be quickly visualized in case there’s any dirt or stain on it, so it’s a good color to choose. Also, because this bike as a long length of seat height, you can flexibly adjust the seat’s height however you want in order to be comfortable when riding.

For speedy acceleration, it’s recommended that you use WANDA 20″ x 1.75 tires on the wheels. Another interesting feature of this IDS Home’s folding bike is that it weighs only 32 pounds, which is very easy to carry around. Hence, IDS Home is really for everyone.

6. Lightweight and Aluminum Folding Bike with Pedals by Swagtron

6. Lightweight and Aluminum Folding Bike with Pedals by Swagtron
  Get it now on Amazon.com Here at the top 6th, we have another premium quality budget electric folding bike from Swagtron. What’s perfect about Swagtron that wins the hearts of loads of riders is that it comes pre-assembled, so you don’t have to spend time assembling or them or to get frustrated from difficult assembling process like the other bikes commonly require to. Moreover, since it is the electric bike, you don’t have to get yourself sweat riding it because all will be functioned by a single charge. This budget folding bike can speed up to 15.5 miles.

Besides, everything about Swagtron; from seat’s height to the handlebar, can be adjustable in order for the rider to have a comfortable ride all the time. Besides, this folding bike also has a stylish and swaggy look, so it fits any rider every day’s mood and outfit. Furthermore, this folding bike’s tire also features quick-disconnect power lines, so it can ensure good traction and keep the tire well maintenance.

5. Light Weight Budget Folding Bikes by ZiZZO

5. Light Weight Folding Bike by ZiZZO
  Get it now on Amazon.com Moving onto the top 5th best budget folding bike is this modern yellow bike from ZiZZO. Constructed with high tensile steel for its frame, the bike is highly sturdy against pressure or intense use. Moreover, this bike also features 7 Shimano products for speed and shifters that allow a smooth speed of the ride.

On top of this, ZiZZO designed its bike with a proper concentration on lightweight since the best folding bike should be highly portable, so this product of ZiZZO weighs only 29 pounds; which is one of the lightest folding bikes you could ever find in the market.

This ZiZZO folding bike can support up to 240 pounds of weight, so almost anyone could ride it. In case you usually worry about the bike’s assembling, you don’t have the concern with this one because it comes with 99% pre-assembled, so it’s ready to ride as soon as you get the product.

4. Blue Color Budget Folding Bikes by Columba

4. Blue Color Folding Bike by Columba
  Get it now on Amazon.com Here at the top 4th best budget folding bike in the list that we highly recommend to any rider is from a leading brand called Columba. Owning up to 18-speed shifters and derailleur, this bike is highly reliable to use on the road.

Also, this folding bike is highly portable because when it’s folded, it can be fit easily into any car’s rear trunk. Another great point about this product is that it has many color options available to choose; ranging from Blue, Black, Yellow to Silver.

Therefore, no matter what colors you love, you can still find the best one to fit your preference. The ideal rider should be the ones whose height is measured from 5’3″~6’0″. It’s worth noting that the bike comes with 90% factory assembled, so what’s left to installing is only a minor part.

3. Single Speed Folding Bike by Vilano

3. Single Speed Folding Bike by Vilano
  Get it now on Amazon.com Another great quality folding bike that doesn’t tear off your pocket from getting one is from Vilano. What’s good about Vilano is that it’s one of the lightest folding bikes in its class, measuring only 21.5 pounds, so bringing it anywhere would never be your concern. Using aluminum as the material to construct the frame, it is safe to say that this bike is highly versatile because it is built to last long.

It’s perfect to use for an urban commute to maximize its performance. When folded, the bike is as small as 12″ x 32″ x 25″. Besides, this affordable holding bike is also very easy to use because it’s assembled with most parts before it’s sent to the customer. For more understanding of the bike, you can also easily go to Vilano’s online knowledge for tips and instruction on how to effectively use the bike.

2. Lightweight Aluminum Folding Bike by EuroMini

2. Lightweight Aluminum Folding Bike by EuroMini
  Get it now on Amazon.com Moving onto the 2nd best budget folding bike in the list is a product from EuroMini. Using aluminum instead of other types of metal, this bike is sturdy yet it doesn’t weight heavily.

In terms of the technical part of the bike, it has Shimano 7-speed Derailleur, 7-speed shifter and 7-speed cassette gear which are all the advanced components in a bike. With EuroMini, you can easily ride on any type of surface because it features the double-wall rim and magnet catcher, so no matter how bumpy the ride is, it can still hold the bike together.

Moreover, this bike is made with an inclusiveness that anyone whose height is from 5” to 6’4” can freely use it by simply adjusting the height of the heat and the handlebar. On the same note, it can support up to 240 pounds of weight capacity, so almost everyone could ride it.

1. Folding Bike with Coaster Brake by Retrospec

Best Budget Folding Bikes
  Get it now on Amazon.com Finally, moving on to the best budget folding bike ever and it’s this unbeatable product supplied by Retrospec. What’s special about this bike is that it only takes 10 seconds or less to fold this bike, so it’s very flexible and portable at the same time. Moreover, because it has a high-quality rear coaster brake, this bike is ideal regardless you are riding it on the flat surface or even on the small hill.

Besides, this bike is also made from high quality and lightweight aluminum on the frame, so you will be amazed at how sturdy the bike can be. Surprising yet accurately, Retrospec weighs only 22 pounds, which is light enough that you can carry this using just one hand. In terms of price, it’s super affordable, so there’s no reason why you don’t want to own this No.1 folding bike.

Buying Guide for Best Budget Folding Bikes

Coming to how to choose the bike, the most important part would be to measure yourself and see if the bike would fit you and vice versa. Almost every single folding bike, if not all, has the size limit that is displayed at the product description. It usually tells the range of the rider’s height, so if your height falls in the interval range of that, you can comfortably ride it.

Besides, you should also check the folding mechanism of the bike. The reason is that if the bike is not easy enough to fold it, it already loses its original purpose. Usually, a smooth folding mechanism allows you to save a lot of time and energy. So you may want to know how can it fold and how does it look when folding.


With this information in hand, you can start shopping for the best budget folding bike now. Thank you for spending time with us.