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Whether you are a budding or a seasoned drummer, you need to have the best-quality electronic drum set for practicing and performing. There are various brands available with different electronic drum sets to pick from. Different models have a different set of pieces, and each one of them has strengths and weaknesses. Check out the top 10 best electronic drum sets to choose from various popular brands.


1, Alesis All-Mesh Electronic Drum Kit

Alesis Electronic Drum Set (Nitro Mesh Kit) TOP 10 BEST ELECTRONIC DRUM SETS IN 2019 REVIEWS

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This electronic drum set consists of eight pieces of instruments. The set also includes drum key and drum sticks. Moreover, all of the drumheads are of mesh material to produce a moderately genuine response. This set consists of a nitro module loaded with 60 pre-installed play-along tracks. Apart from that, this module comes along with an AUX input cable to simply connect with your CD or MP3.

This drum kit also has its own metronome, sequencer and performance recorder. Furthermore, the set includes Hi-Hat pedal, kick pedal, Hi-Hat crash w/choke and a kick drum. You will get cymbals, double-zone snare pads, and tom pads. This drum kit helps you to have an authentic practice session to polish your drum playing skills.

  • Genuine motion due to mesh head.
  • AUX input for user convenience.
  • Performance recorder and multiple pads.
  • There is no con at all.

2, RockJam Eight-Piece Electronic Drum set

RockJam Mesh Head Kit, Eight Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Head, Easy Assemble Rack and Drum Module including 30 Kits, USB and Midi connectivity

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This eye-catching electronic drum kit comes along with eight pieces of instruments. The complete set also includes all necessary items to support the simple plug-n-play operation. Moreover, the drum module of this kit already comes with 30 preset play-along tracks for easier practice sessions. The drum kit supports midi connectivity as well as USB connectivity. The drumheads of this set are of mesh responsive pads.

These mesh drumheads also deliver high-quality and natural response every time. Furthermore, the module comes with AUX input and headphone output ports. This kit comes along with easy to install the rack. You will get three pieces of premium-quality rubber toms along with this kit. This set even consists of bass control pedals and two bamboo-derived drum sticks.

  • Quick setup and USB connectivity.
  • Responsive pads and attractive look.
  • Multiple ports for user advantage.
  • The average rating is relatively low.

3, Alesis Surge Mesh Electronic Drum Kit

Alesis Electronic Drum Set (Surge Mesh Kit)

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This electronic drum kit comes with the drumheads with mesh padding to support ultra-clear and natural response. With the help of four post chrome racks, this set also supports hassle-free assembly and disassembly. Moreover, this kit has a kick drum tower and a kick drum pedal. The whole set consists of a power supply, connection cables, drum key, and drum cables.

This set also has dual-zone mesh tom and mesh snare pads. Furthermore, the drum consists of crash w/choke, Hi-Hat, and ride cymbals. The included drum module has an internal sequencer to record your practicing session. The module consists of pre-installed 60 play-along tracks, 40 kits as well as 385 sounds. Apart from that, you can connect with MP3 players with the help of an AUX input. This kit supports both USB and midi connectivity.

  • Internal sequencer for recording practicing.
  • Multiple sounds and midi support.
  • Natural response due to mesh padding.
  • You have to hit really hard to produce a loud sound.

4, Carlsbro Electronic Drum Set

Carlsbro Electronic Drum Set (CSD120XXX)

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This electronic drum set is very much compact in size and supports convenient storage even at small spaces. The sensitive response of the kick drum pedals and Hi-Hat control also makes this kit suitable for places with the restricted mechanical noise level. Moreover, this drum set supports sensitive, dynamic, and crosstalk tuning. This kit includes dual-zone snare pad, crash cymbal pad, and single-zone three tom pads.

This kit also includes Hi-Hat cymbal pad, crash cymbal pad, and ride cymbal pad. Furthermore, the drum module consists of 20 play-along tracks for easier practice. This module comes with USB, midi connectivity, AUX input for MP3 player and CD. With the help of the sequencer, you can even record and play your jamming sessions.

  • Multiple ports for easy connectivity.
  • Sequencer for recording jamming sessions.
  • Hi-hat control for mechanical noise restriction.
  • The set is relatively expensive.

5, Carlsbro Electronic Drum Set with Kick Pedal

Carlsbro CSD130 Electronic Drum Set with Realistic Kick Pedal

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This electronic drum kit lets you enjoy dynamic response, and you can even tune the sensitivity. You can also trim the crosstalk of the pads individually to set your own signature playing style. Moreover, this kit takes less than a few minutes to set this up before the performance. The balanced rebounds of this set help you to reduce the strains on the wrists.

This set also has a crash cymbal pad with choke, dual-zone snare pad and three pieces of single-zoned tom pads. Furthermore, with the help of the 3-feet stand, this foldable drum kit supports hassle-free installation and takedown. This kit includes a drum key and drum sticks as well. The drum module comes with 250 of percussion and drum sounds.

  • Balanced rebounds and dynamic response.
  • Easy setup and dual-zone snare pad.
  • Eliminates strain from wrists.
  • It is suitable only for beginners.

6, ROLAND Electronic Drum Set

ROLAND Electronic Drum Set (TD-1DMK)

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This electronic drum kit consists of drums with the dual-ply mesh drumheads. These drumheads also tend to deliver tunable tension and quiet and natural response. Moreover, this set is suitable for any place with the restricted mechanical noise level. The drum set is very much comfortable to play for both the beginner to expert drummers. The drum module lets you enjoy up to 15 preset kits to produce a real-life drumming sound.

This kit also comes along with 10 interactive training functions to trace your progress and motivation towards the drumming. Furthermore, this set consists of a dual-zone snare pad, H-Hat, and control pedal, kick drum and stand, three single-zone tom pads, and more. This electronic drum kit comes along with 256 notes of polyphony.

  • Ply mesh head and mechanical noise level.
  • Polyphone notes and complete set.
  • Interactive training functions for tracking progress.
  • There is no negative point to write.

7, Yamaha Electronic Drum Set

Yamaha Electronic Drum Set, DTX402K (DTX402K)

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This electronic drum kit comes with a compact design for convenient storage. The stereo drum also sounds tested straightforwardly from acoustic drums and cymbals. Moreover, the USB connectivity of the module allows you to share your sound direct to your compatible devices. You can even share the Midi information from the module to the tablet, phone or computer.

The module also has 10 interactive training functions to track down your rhythm and speed coordination while playing drums. Furthermore, the module is app-controllable via any iOS or Android devices. You can simply navigate the drum module as well as record and playback your drum playing sessions. The module is able to produce 415 percussion and drum sounds, and it plays 10 preset play-along tracks.

  • Easy storage and USB connectivity.
  • User comfort due to the MIDI module.
  • Allows syncing on a smartphone.
  • It is not suitable for professionals.

8, Alesis Strike Pro Electronic Drum Set

Alesis Strike Pro Bundle Electronic Drum Set

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This electronic drum set comes with six pieces of instruments. The set also has a double-braced design. Moreover, the mesh drumheads of this kit deliver a quiet sensitive and natural response. This drum set is suitable for the places with the restricted mechanical noise level. The Hi-Hat stand of this kit comes along with three legs for better stability as well. This set is suitable for both beginners and expert drummers.

This set also comes along with five pieces of cymbals. Furthermore, the toe clamp of this drum kit allows you to adjust the size of from the side as per your need. This set consists of a kick drum with two kick pedals and dual-chain drive. The kit comes along with the drum module with striking sound.

  • Easy operation with kick pedals.
  • Drum module and hi-hat stand.
  • Improved stability due to the wide base.
  • It is a completely new product.

9, Roland Electronic V-Drum Set

Roland High-performance, Mid-level Electronic V-Drum Set (TD-25KVX) with 12" snare pad, 10" tom pad (x3), 12" crash v-cymbal (x2), KD-180 kick pad, and MDS-9SC stand

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This electronic drum kit is popular for its impressive sound quality and response. The V-drum kit also includes a snare pad, crash v-cymbals, three single-zoned tom pads, and a kick pad. Moreover, the snare pad with mesh head supports position sensing. Even, it allows you to play with a cross-stick and supports easy mounting on the snare-stand. The crash cymbal pads come with natural swinging motions as well.

The mesh tom pads of this kit also allow you to produce a quiet sensitive response. Furthermore, the logical interface of this drum kit allows you to customize and exchange the position of the drums according to your requirement. This set includes an acoustic shell to deliver the sound of acoustic presence as well.

  • Snare pad and quality response.
  • Natural motions due to crash pads.
  • Mesh tom pads and acoustic shell.
  • The stand is different than you see in the photos.

10, Roland V-Compact Electronic Drum Kit

Roland V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Kit (TD-17KVX-S)

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This electronic drum set is versatile as you can extend it by adding an extra snare or crash cymbal. The kit also consists of a drum sound module with internal coaching functions. Moreover, these inbuilt functions help you to keep track of your progress and motivation towards the drum playing. This set comes along with a snare, Hi-hat pad with stand, three 8-inch tom pads, crash pad, kick drum with pedal and a snare.

The integrated drum stand also allows you to assemble and takedown this kit without any difficulty. Furthermore, the drum set helps you to improve your drum playing skills. Even, you can use the coaching functions to develop your playing technique. The kick pad of this kit helps you to improve your foot control.

  • Complete set for user advantage.
  • High performance and quick assembling.
  • Foot control for easy operation.
  • The hi-hat is not up to the mark.

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Buying Guide For Electronic Drum Set –

Check out the top factors to remember while buying an electronic drum set of your choice.


Pads with mesh heads offer a traditional feel and are perfect for a different response. Mesh heads will give you additional options and generally come with rubber pads. Sponsored pads function like an acoustic kit and usually come with built-in sensors. Some can also come with trigger pads and produces appropriate sound due to the vibration effect. You can choose the pads that fit your needs and play it with ease.

Easy Operation:

The setup of the drum set must be swift, and some can only come with a plug and play feature. If it comes with USB connectivity, then it lets you connect it hassle-free. Make sure it comes in a complete set and lets you practice it easily. Some can be perfect for both beginners and professionals, and produce a range of sound. You can also if it has easy controls and the one that comes with percussion controllers will give you an advantage.


The sound presence is the primary thing that you need to consider while getting an electronic drum set. Make sure that it has balanced sound so that you can use it comfortably even in stage converts. Electronic percussion will give you a better advantage and produce outstanding sound. The striking techniques can affect the percussion, and you can check if it allows you to make adjustments. With the function of MIDI, you can have a dynamic response. The dynamic range of MIDI can vary from 0 to 127 velocity. You can adjust it for getting the right sound for velocity curves and sensitivity.

Complete Set:

Electronic drum sets usually come in a set of five. Some can come with additional items and include a ride cymbal. This can vary with the cost, and it is completely a user preference. However, this will give you convenience and enhances your performance with additional sound. You can also see if it made of high-quality materials and lets you use it for a long time.

Conclusion –

The electronic drum sets are available with different sets and features. If you are a budding drummer, you should go through the buying guide first. The buying guide will help you to understand the product better and then go through the product descriptions to understand the features well. All these best electronic drum sets are of the high-quality and total value for your money, and they are suitable for various stages of drummers.