- Last Updated : July 30, 2019

Top 10 Best Foot & Calf Massagers in 2019

You need to come home and give your body some some rest. Especially your feet and calves as you have been on them all day. One of the top 10 best foot and calf massagers in 2019 make sure your feet and lower legs get the relieve they need.

These massagers are designed to help your lower limbs recuperate quickly and be ready for the night’s activities. When your feet and calves get tired, you want the best massager to handle the restoration process.

Our foot and calf massagers review

List Of Top 10 Best Foot & Calf Massagers in 2019

10. Human Touch Sol Foot and Calf Shiatsu Massagers

Human Touch Sol

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Just sit back and relax after you put your tired feet and sore calves inside this shiatsu massager. You get a figure eight style massage that should remove the pain and rejuvenate your feet. Plus, your blood circulation should improve.

In addition to that, the heat function makes sure your lower limbs stay nice and warm. This heat helps loosen sore and tired muscles letting them recuperate after a long day of work.

The 14 inch high unit measures about 4 1/2 inches wide holds a variety of calf and foot sizes.its controls are conveniently located for easy access. Just a push of a button and you are on your way to relieve. The massage tilts in case you want to change your position.

9. uKnead Shiatsu Leg Massager

uKnead Shiatsu Leg

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3 automatic modes combine with 2 intensity levels and 3 vibration speeds to relieve your tired aching calves and feet from their misery. Once inside this calf and foot massager, you get to select how they will be treated by a push of the button.

You remain in total control as your lower limbs relax and become pain free. The shiatsu kneading style uses a rhythmic style to make sure your calves and feet get the treatment they deserve. Since nerves end in the feet, your whole body should feel relief as well.

Most sized feet and calves should fit inside this massager without losing any comfort. The removable liner is easy to keep clean protecting your health every time you use it.

8. uKnead Leg Massager

uKnead Leg Massager

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Find a wide range of relief when you put your feet and calves inside this foot and calf massager. After you take your shoes and socks off, you can sit back and enjoy the shiatsu style massage. Or a push of a button gets you top air compression to help relieve the pain you feel.

Once your feet and calves are comfortable and ready, you just need to push the right button to get the maximum benefit from this massager. 3stage automatic modes, 3 stage air intensity, plus, 2 stage manual and 2 stage heat are at your fingertips.

Also, the massager will tilt so you can get ultimate comfort as your treat your calves and feet to a great massage. Liners are removable for easy cleaning.

7. Giantex Foot Massage

Giantex Foot Massager

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The folding function that comes with this foot and calf massager protects the unit when it is not in use. Plus, it allows you to store the massager in small easy access spots. That makes this foot and calf massager attractive to use.

In addition to that feature, you get an easy to clean and very hygienic massager to slip your up to men’s size 12 feet into. Women’s feet measuring 13 1/2 also feet comfortably inside.

Once your feet are in place, the easy to use controls provide convenient access to all the modes, intensity levels and other features this foot and calf massager possess. Relief from sore, tired and aching feet and calves is just a push of a button away.

6. UT Ultratech Foot and Calf Massager

Foot & Calf leg Shiatsu

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Receive the benefit of a shiatsu massage without leaving the privacy of your home. Once you take this foot and calf massager out of its box, yo can sit in your favorite chair and receive top quality relief.

The easy to use controls are located at the top of the massager and are ready to get you started on your comfortable and relaxing massage,. You can select the different modes, intensity and vibration levels just using your finger.

After you have made your selection, you just sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the massage. This foot and calf massager can help your blood circulate as well as help you with other medical issues you may suffer from. It is an all round tool to have in your home.

5. Onega Foot Massager Machine

Foot Massager Machine

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Small or large feet are welcome by this foot and calf massager. It has enough room to make sure your sore feet and calves find the relief they need to function at peak levels. With its titling design, you get 4 settings to choose from to find your comfort sweet spot.

In addition to that feature, you also get 3 massage modes. 3 vibration levels and 2 heat levels to choose from. How much relief you get remains in your control. You make the selections that are right for you.

Also, this unit will plug into a standard outlet and provide you with the comfort you want quickly. Once it is turned on, all 18 massage points will be treated with ease.

4. LAZYMOON Shiatsu Kneading Foot & Calf Massager

LAZYMOON Shiatsu Kneading

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Each massage session on this foot and calf massager lasts about 15 minutes at a time. You do not want to overdue the massage you get for your health and safety. When 15 minutes are up, the massager will shut off automatically.

After you turn this massager on, you get access to 3 massage levels and 4 motors. These massage tools are accessed through the buttons on the conveniently located control panel. Just use your finger tip to get the massage you want.

Once you made your selection, the massager does the rest. Its motor drives the kneading, rolling and vibration action so all you feel is relief. The massager should handle a majority of foot and calf sizes with ease. Made from tough ABS plastic to be durable, strong and long lasting.

3. Human Touch Reflex4 Foot & Calf Massager

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Target those tired and sore spots on your calves and feet. This shiatsu foot and calf massager works wonders on your lower limbs to make sure you are ready for the next day of work. The figure 8 design handles the tough massage duties without complaint.

On top of that, you get 4 massage levels and a tilt option to provide you with optimum comfort. Plus, its built-in handles make relocating this massager very easy. Its durable but lightweight design should stand up to normal every day bumps and impacts.

The good news is that the 12 inch height can be extended and most sized of men and women’s feet should fit inside with ease. All the buttons are easily accessed and easy to use.

2. Giantex Shiatsu Foot Calf Leg Massager

Giantex Shiatsu Kneading

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The bright red and black colored foot and calf massager should look good on your feet. You may think you are wearing space boots instead of using a good massaging unit. Rubberized feet make sure this machine stays stable and not move about as you use it.

On top of that, you get 3 modes, 3 intensity levels and 3 heat settings to make your feet and calves like new again. The 12 massage discs rub, knead, vibrate and heat up to make sure you get a solution for your tired and aching limbs.

Also, you can massage your feet and calves independently from each other. Large feet are not a problem. This unit will hold men’s size 14 and women’s size 16 1/2 without batting an eye.

1. Schultz ZycraPulse Foot & Calf Massager

Schultz ZycraPulse

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Easy to use controls helps you get relief from tired and aching calves and feet quickly. Once your feet are placed inside, just push the right buttons to find your comfort zone. The control panel is located at the top of the massager.

After you have finished pushing the right buttons, you get 30 air bags and 3 rollers to massage your lower limbs. You can adjust the heat settings so your feet and calves do not overheat.

In addition to that, rear wheels lets you roll the foot and calf massager into place. You do not have to hurt your back to get relief for your tired feet or calves. This foot and calf massager should accept both large and small feet with no trouble.

Some final words

Technology has made it possible to get relief and a massage in the privacy of your home. These top 10 best foot and calf massagers in 2019 work hard so you can meet the next activities or events without pain.

To get your feet and calves back into action, go with the best foot and calf massager available. You will be glad you did.