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Best Gaming Headsets Under 50$ in 2019 Reviews

Gaming does not have to break the bank so that you can do it cheaply while still getting top-quality equipment. The top 16 best gaming headsets under 50$ in 2019 are proof of that. Once you pick up a pair of these Gaming Headsets Under 50$ you get great quality sound, comfortable construction and a headset that helps you be a gaming success.

You go with the best no matter what price they are found at. Inexpensive doe snot means bad. Now let see how best of Gaming Headsets Under 50$ we will show you.

List of Our Best Gaming Headsets Under 50$ in 2019 Reviews Review On Amazon.Com

16. ZIUMIER Gaming Headset

 ZIUMIER Gaming Headset PS4 Headset

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Wide compatibility is what makes this under 50 gaming headset so valuable. Moreover, it makes you it sounds will make you feel like you are in the real situation while you playing the game. You can use it on a variety of gaming consoles and look good while doing so. And also, it gives you a new experience of using this headset. The headset also provides a brilliant light show to light up your game time.

Normally, gamers spend so much time playing the game. That is why you need to find the right gaming headset. Its design as a lightweight that make you easy to put it on your head for a long time. The 50mm driver gives you great sound while the built-in mic transfers your commands clearly. On top of that, you get full padding to keep your ears and head comfortable for hours. Plus, it adjusts when you need it to.

15. ONIKUMA Xbox One Gaming Headset

 ONIKUMA Xbox One Gaming Headset

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Going camo when your game may help motivate you and get you better success. Inline controls make sure you can make subtle volume and other adjustments without interfering with your game playing.

Also, a lifetime warranty protects your investment in this highly compatible headset. Then the 7.1 surround sound lets you hear every twig break as you play. On top of that, your voice should be heard once you use the built-in mic to send out your instructions.

14. ALWUP Stereo Gaming Headset

 ALWUP Stereo Gaming Headset for PS4, Xbox One Headset

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The built-in mic and 50mm drivers team up to make your two-way communication second to none. In addition to that, you get a great light show once these headsets are powered up.

Plus, the steel frame makes sure your headset is durable, strong and capable of handling your gaming time without issues. Then the padded ear cups work hard to bring you top quality comfort so you can play for hours. Needs adaptor when connecting to older Nintendo sets.

13. Jeecoo Stereo Gaming Headset

 Jeecoo Stereo Gaming Headset for PS4

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Inline controls make adjusting your sound easy. A quick flick of your finger and you can raise or lower the sound you hear. Also, you get a top-quality mic to help you send out your words of encouragement to teammates.

After you place this top-quality headset on your head, you should feel the comfort differences. Fully padded your head and ears should be comfortable all day and night long. The padded ear cups also block sound from entering in.

12. NUBWO U3 3.5mm Gaming Headset

 NUBWO U3 3.5mm Gaming Headset

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The bright red color highlights make sure you can find this headset in low light conditions. After you get them on your head, the ear cups protect your ears from discomfort while possibly blocking sound from coming inside.

Not only can you hear well, but you can also send your commands or other words clearly through the high-quality mic. Made from leather and plastic, you get durability and good looks rolled into one. This is a strong headset to use during your game time.

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11. NUBWO Gaming headsets

 NUBWO Gaming headsets PS4 N7 Stereo Xbox one Headset Wired PC Gaming Headphones with Noise Canceling Mic

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One thing you need when you want to play different gaming consoles. It is one headset that works with them all and saves you money. This top headset accomplishes those objectives.

Combine the wide compatibility with the 50mm drivers and built-in mic and you are set for a great adventure playing a variety of games. The noise-canceling mic comes with a mute button so only the people you want to hear what you are saying will hear your words.

10. CORSAIR HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset

 CORSAIR HS50 - Stereo Gaming Headset

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Another thing you want in a good gaming headset is a comfort. After you purchase this gaming headset, you will find that you get all the comfort you need from this fully padded headset.

Once you realize that, you can concentrate on your gaming without being distracted. Then the 50 mm drivers make sure you hear every sound sent your way. You can respond clearly with the built-in mic.

9. SteelSeries Arctis 3 Gaming Headset

 SteelSeries Arctis 3

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This top-notch gaming headset works with you to make sure you are a success at playing your games. Not only doe sit bring you full comfort and a noise-canceling mic, but you also get S1 speaker drivers to hear every sound that is made.

On top of that, this set of gaming headsets is stylish and helps you look good as you play. With air weave fabric construction your ears stay cool and dry especially when you play throughout the day or night.

8. BENGOO Stereo Gaming Headset

 BENGOO Stereo Gaming Headset for PS4, PC, Xbox One Controller-Gaming Headsets Under 50$

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Camo designed lets you feel a part of your action games. You can be a part of the action when you slip these comfortable gaming headsets on. With bass surround, your listening should be better than ever.

Plus, you get memory foam ear cups to make sure your ears stay comfortable al the time you are wearing this headset. Then the noise-canceling microphone gives 360 degrees sound pick up for easier communication. An LED light show perks up your gaming time.

7. HyperX Cloud Stinger -Gaming Headset

 HyperX Cloud Stinger - Gaming Headset-Gaming Headsets Under 50$

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The red highlight logo helps set you apart and let you stand out from other gamers. Once you place this gaming headset on your head, not only do you stand out, you get top-level comfort all day.

Then the ear cups swivel 90 degrees to provide you with some wearing options.. In addition to that, the built-in mic adjusts so you can cut communications when you need to. 50mm drivers are also included in this great gaming headset.

6. RUNMUS Gaming Headset

 RUNMUS Gaming Headset Xbox One Headset-Gaming Headsets Under 50$

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Red LED lights help light up your game time and add to its already great atmosphere. Then the padded ear cups ensure that you get top-quality comfort no matter how long you play. Plus, you get almost universal compatibility to vary your game time.

In addition to all of that, your two-way communication system should be top drawer and at the highest quality levels possible. One switch mutes the mic so other players do not hear you.

5. HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

 HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset-Gaming Headsets Under 50$

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7.1 surround sound upgrades your gaming time immensely. Once these headsets are on your head, your sound quality should have you hearing the tiniest sound. On top of that, the noise and echo canceling mic make sure your communications are not interfered with.

A wide compatibility range expands your gaming experience so you can have a lot of fun. Play with XBox, PS4 and other gaming consoles without issue 53 mm drivers handle all the sound duties for you.

4. Logitech 7.1 Gaming Headset

 Logitech 981-000536 G430 7.1 Gaming Headset-Gaming Headsets Under 50$

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Your gaming experience should be taken to the next level once you place this 7.1 gaming headset on your head. Not only do you get the best two communication, but you also remain nice and comfortable as well.

Also, a 10 1/2 cable provides you with a lot of freedom of movement. You should not get tangled up as you play. On top of that, the mesh fabric on the ear cups should allow your ears t breathe and stay cool.

3. RUNMUS Gaming Headset

 RUNMUS Gaming Headset PS4 Headset-Gaming Headsets Under 50$


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There is no law that says you have to use inferior gaming headsets when you play. The sky is the limit and you can use any headset you want including this top quality pair. Not only do you have top-notch communication capability, but the blue light also adds to your gaming atmosphere.

The only drawback is that it will need a little help with an adapter to play the Nintendo game systems. Other than that you are good to go.

2. ONIKUMA Gaming Headset

 ONIKUMA Gaming Headset for PS4, PS4 Gaming Headset-Gaming Headsets Under 50$

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Inline controls, LED lights and a top gaming headset combine together to enhance your gaming entertainment time. On top of that, those components get a little help from 60 mm drivers and a noise-canceling mic.

The 360-degree mic makes sure all your words are heard clearly. Plus, you get a fully padded headset that keeps your head and ears nice and comfortable. A long cable also provides great freedom of movement.

1. BENGOO Stereo Gaming Headset

 BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset-Gaming Headsets Under 50$

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You may game a lot, that is why you need this top gaming headset when you play, It comes fully padded with bright blue colors. Then the ear cups emit a nice blue light so you can have more fun while you play.

Then with a wide compatibility range, no gaming system should be outside of your gaming reach. The 40 mm drivers make sure you hear every word and drop of a pin to help you get that gaming success you desire.

Some final words

If you are kind of gamer you might need one of the this top 16 best gaming headsets under 50$. These products upgrade any gaming entertainment time and look good doing it. Plus, they are filled with top of the line components to make sure your game time is second to none.

You go with the best in order to get the best in return.


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