- Last Updated : November 27, 2019

10 Best Lawn Sweepers Reviews and Buying Guides 2019

A sweeping lawn can be an easy yet time consuming task without the right tool. One of the most important tools for a quick lawn sweeping work must be the best lawn sweepers. It is necessary to find any products that are high quality, durable, functional and can prevent the lawn from falling back to the ground because then you will be a headache trying to collect it back in.

If you are dealing with this task routinely, it’s time to get yourself the right lawn sweeper now. In this article, we will be introducing the top 10 best lawn sweeper that is available to sells and are quite famous in the marketplace. Keep reading to find out where these products are from.

10. Lawn Sweeper for Tractor by Agri-Fab

10. Lawn Sweeper for Tractor by Agri-Fab
  Get it now on Amazon.com The first product on the list is from Agri-Fab. What’s special about this lawn sweeper is that it has the mesh back of 25 cubic fits that can fill lawns a lot more than common lawn sweeper in the market; hence, it can reduce the tidying uptime.

Moreover, there is also its sweeper tongue that can cut and collect the debris all in one go without having to use another tool to help. Its brush to wheel ratio is measured at 5.6:1. This Agri-Fab lawn sweeper can also be folded when it’s not used, so you can smartly save your storage space with it.

9. Steel Lawn Sweeper by Ohio Steel

9. Steel Lawn Sweeper by Ohio Steel
  Get it now on Amazon.com Here at the top 9th, we have another great product from Ohio Steel. Featuring 11 inches spiraled polypropylene brush, allows this tool to sweep very efficiently; even when you are moving it at low speed.

By simply putting into tow in an offset position, this lawn sweeper can mow and sweep all at the same time while you don’t have to do anything with the tool because it has a solid tension tube to hold the bag and secure that it will be operated securely.

You can also set the number of brush height in order to set how short or long you want the brush to cut the lawn. With Ohio Steel, your space will look extra organize even with minimal effort.

8. Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper by Yard Commander

8. Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper by Yard Commander
  Get it now on Amazon.com The next lawn sweeper in the list is from Yard Commander. The great thing about this brand compares to any other product in the market is that it’s featured very large hopper capacity; measuring 12.9 cubic feet.

It also has 4 pieces of 10” brushes that allow you to effectively collect lawns easily with less time. This lawn sweeper also has a wide 42” quick clearing width to make sure its performance with the brushes is compatible.

In terms of other material involved in the making of this product, it’s all powder coated so that it can resist any rust effect. Last but not least, it can be quickly and easily connected to any ATV, UTV or garden tractor, too. So, with Yard Commander, you can have endless perfect gardens.

7. 38” Lawn Sweeper by Precision

7. 38” Lawn Sweeper by Precision
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Here at the top 7th, we have this high-quality lawn sweeper from Precision. With the capacity of 12 cubic feet, this 13” lawn sweeper can be easily operated with any tractor to deliver the job effectively in a short time. Besides, this product can be assembled in less than 30 minutes, so you don’t have to deal with the headache of setting up the product like what other products may require.

Everything about Precision is made of high-quality input; especially for its frame, it’s perfectly coated with powder to prevent it from developing rusts. Hence, once you purchase it, you can use it for longer than you would expect. When purchasing, there will be a hitch pin included in the package, too.

6. Push Lawn Sweeper by Yardwise

6. Push Sweeper by Yardwise
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Another best lawn sweeper you should own at least one in your storage is from Yardwise. With the capacity to store up to 26 gallons in its removable hopper bag, Yardwise can effectively and efficiently pick up any leaves, debris, and twigs that are on its way without missing any piece. The whole product weight is very light that it’s only 12 pounds, so you can easily use and maneuver it on your lawn.

At the same time, it also offers an adjustable height setting available if it has too. Without trying to complicate things, Yardwise made its product to be very simple and highly functional for daily use, so you will find this product very helpful when using it.

5. Hi-Speed Tow Lawn Sweeper by Craftsman

5. Hi-Speed Tow Lawn Sweeper by Craftsman
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Standing on the top 5th, another highly recommended lawn sweeper is from this famous brand that’s called Craftsman. Featuring 12” reinforced brushes and huge 22” hopper capacity, Craftsman can produce up to 8.5:1 brush to wheel ratio which shows that it can perform more actions when it moves; compares to any other products in the market.

Besides, Craftsman is made from heavy-duty steel that allows the product to be highly flexible when it comes to carrying more weights, so you don’t have to quickly dump the debris during your sweeping session. Last but not least, this lawn sweeper can be used with any tractors with no extra assembling needed.

4. Quick Assembly Lawn Sweepers by Yard Tuff

4. Quick Assembly Lawn by Yard Tuff
  Get it now on Amazon.com At the top 4th, we have another tool that can keep your yard green and organized and it’s the lawn sweeper from Yard Tuff. With the sweeping ratio of 4:1, this 42” wide lawn sweeper can brush the lawns very conveniently. Moreover, it’s featured with a big 13 cubic feet mesh back that can be easily towed behind your ATV or lawn tractor and the assembly of these two is super-fast and effortless.

Similarly, Yard Tuff also powder-coats its product to make sure that it remains untouched by rust effect. The tires used with Yard Tuff is also highly durable, so you don’t have to worry if you would need to keep changing the tires or anything. The whole product can be folded easily for storage. Moreover, it also comes with a 1-year limited warranty on parts of the product.

3. Lawn Sweepers with Dethatcher by Brinly

3. Lawn Sweeper with Dethatcher by Brinly
  Get it now on Amazon.com Moving onto the top 3rd best lawn sweeper in the list, here we have a product from Brinly. Famously came into the market since 1839, Brinly has always been the top brand when it comes to a high-performance lawn sweeper.

For this model that we are introducing, it has a 2-in-1 feature which is sweeper and Dethatcher all at once, so with Brinly you can dethatch and sweep simultaneously. Besides, this lawn sweeper is also a fast pickup as it’s clearly measured at 5:1 brush-to-ground ratio, so no single debris could get away from this lawn sweeper.

In terms of hamper capacity, Brinly has 20 cubic foot space, so you won’t have to always empty the hamper all over again during the sweeping. Brinly also stands very strong behind their products, so if you have any problem with their lawn sweeper after purchasing, you should remember that their team is waiting to help you 24/7.

2. Push Lawn Sweepers by Jonyandwater

2. Push Sweeper by Jonyandwater
  Get it now on Amazon.com Moving onto the top 2nd product in the post, we have this beautiful red lawn sweeper from Jonyandwater. What special about Jonyandwater lawn sweeper is that it uses very high-quality materials for the product construction, so you can use it for a very long period of time. Besides, it can also sweep very efficiently because it has the adjustable height setting of the brushes in order for it to sweep through every single debris on its way.

Besides, Jonyandwater also has a big mesh back that can be easily removed for quick dumping, too. In terms of price, Jonyandwater is also one of the lowest prices compares to any products within its range; however, this price couldn’t define how high performance and functional is the product, so it’s truly a sweet deal.

1. Steel Sweeper Spiral Brush by Ohio Steel

1. Steel Sweeper Spiral Brush by Ohio Steel
  Get it now on Amazon.com Coming to the last product which is the Number 1 best lawn sweepers you could ever found in the market is actually a product from Ohio Steel. Using high quality and sturdy steel with powder-coated finished, Ohio Steel lawn sweeper is ready to take any challenge to tidy up your garden.

It features a pretty wide 42” width that allows the sweeper to be able to collect every single twig, debris, and other pieces of waste very easily without taking any long time. Moreover, it has a 22 cubic feet mesh back that allows all the debris to be collected in and store until the end of the session before you need to empty it.

Besides, this lawn sweeper is also known for smooth operation in a way that it can be attached to any ATV or lawn tractor, so it can pair up to be one of the most useful tools you would be happy to own.

Buying Guide for Best Lawn Sweepers

When it comes to purchasing a lawn sweeper, one of the important things that you would have to look for is to find any problem that has a big mesh bag. The reason for this is that especially if you have a big space to tidy up, having a big mesh bag can store more stuff before you need to empty it, so it can save a lot of your time while it can keep the work continuing smoothly without pushing.

Besides, you can also look for any lawn sweeper that has a wide towing width and more brushes because it can clean a lot better. You can also find the brush-to-ground (wheel) ratio amount to see how effective and efficient can the product perform. The bigger the ratio, the better the product will be.


Clearly, with all this information about lawn sweepers, we hope you can purchase a great one for yourself.