- Last Updated : August 30, 2019

Best Motion Activated Sprinklers: Top 7 Reviews and Buying Guide in 2019

Having a garden or a beautiful yard by your home is certainly relaxing and refreshing for the soul and the body. And, most people right now prefer to live by nature for the immense benefits that may bring. However, a beautiful garden or yard can attract many kinds of animals and insects and that might also affect your everyday life. So we need a Best Motion Activated Sprinklers for that.

Hence, this is the reason why we are here to introduce to you a device that can prevent all those bad animals from coming into your area. It is the Motion Activated Sprinklers. Below, you will find out the top 7 most recommended Best Motion Activated Sprinklers from 7 different brands. Read on to learn more.

7. Motion Activated Alarm and Flash, Solar Outdoor Animal Repeller by FAYINWBO

Motion Activated Alarm and Flash
  Get it now on Amazon.com FAYINWBO is a solar type of device that you can use to protect your garden or lawn from cats, dogs, rabbit, squirrel, and any other intruders. This device is very suitable for outdoor space. It is capable of performing its functions in chasing away animals by emitting an alarm, and Flash LED light.

Since it is a solar type so you will find this tool very easy to use as it is self-charging from the sunlight. The solar part is accessible at the top of this device. With this, you don’t need to spend any cent on electricity at all. The action of this device is very flexible because once it detects any objects around its area it will start its work immediately and go back off to sleeping mode once those objects are gone.

The effective area that this one can detect is about 8 to 9 meters. The detection angle is very wide up to 110 degrees horizontal. If you are looking for an eco-friendly device, this is the right one with no bad effect of chemicals. It is very easy to install as well because you can just point it to the ground in the area you want to protect and select any detection mode as your desire.

6. Solar Motion Activated Animal Repellent by ELENKER

6. Solar Motion Activated Animal Repellent by ELENKER
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The ELENKER brand is also a good brand for this best motion activated sprinklers. ELENKER has been known for its performance in protecting many gardens and courtyards already. With this one in your garden, you will find no animals or intruders insects in your area at all because this ELENKER motion activates sprinkler will kick them out right away once they detect any of that.

The ability of this one is that it can detect and spray those bad animals away on 1000 square feet. Its detection actions won’t harm any of your plants at all as it doesn’t contain any chemicals ingredients and water. You don’t need to worry that it might affect your health at all. It will offer you the best detection action during day and night.

Moreover, it can operate about 2 to 6 months with its 9-volt battery. So, if you are having animals sneaking to your garden or biting your plants, but this one and have it performed its spraying, so those animals will no longer come in.

5. Motion Activated Jet Blaster, Garden Animal Repellent by Hoont

Garden Animal Repellent by Hoont
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This is a motion activated sprinkler from Hoont brand. It is a water blaster type which blasts water at those unwanted guests who are visiting your garden without permission. It is very flexible to use because it can perform with 24/7 for you so if those intruders come in this blaster will detect them and blast water at them immediately.

The power of detection is from 0 feet to 30 feet. About the angle of this sprinkler is that it can detect up to 120 degrees wide. All you need to do with this is to point it on the ground in the area where you want to protect and connect it to the water source. At the same time, you don’t need to concern if this sprinkler will harm your garden or plants or not because it won’t. This device won’t kill the animal or give any harm to them at all.

4. Activated Motion Sensor Water Sprinkler by Abco Tech

Motion Sensor Water Sprinkler by Abco Tech
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Abco Tech is a good product that you can just install it anywhere in your garden to chase away all types of animals that get in your garden biting your plants, stealing your fruits or ruining your yard environment. It has the ability to spray away those animals with its technology censor that is equipped on its body to detect the animals and make them leave your area without any trap or harmful action.

Please be aware that this motion sprinkler does not contain any chemical elements that can offer harm to your health and garden. It only sprays out water with a chasing noise to make the animals go back to their place. It can detect up 30 inches of distance with a 120-degree wide angle. It can fully operate using 2 AA batteries.

Once the animal comes near the motion sprinkler, the device will spray water in about 5 seconds and stop and spray again if they come back. It does not only help with chasing animals out, but also with watering your plants in the garden as well.

3. Motion-Activated Animal Repellent and Sprinkler by Havahart

Motion Activated Animal Repellent by Havahart
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With Havahart at home, there is no more concern about intruders coming in your garden because this useful device will chase them away for you. The power of this tool will prevent those animals from coming in by its water blasting action and the flashing censor.

In order for this sprinkler to perform its functions, you have to insert 2AA batteries first. Then, you can start to follow another step as instructed. The censor of this sprinkler will detect any movement of animal within 100 feet. Even if it is a dog, cat, raccoon, mouse or more, this machine will scare them away in just 5 seconds of splashing and flashing at them.

Moreover, you don’t need to come back and forth to set up this, so you can leave it there in your garden and it will perform its job automatically for you.

2. Yard and Garden Motion Activated Animal Rodent Repellent by Hoont Cobra

2. Yard and Garden Motion Activated Animal Rodent Repellent by Hoont Cobra
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This pick here is very suitable for your garden. This Hoont Cobra will chase those intruders or unwanted guests away from your house by its water blasting. You can easily install this one in your garden area where you want to protect from animals like birds, squirrels, deer or other wild animals.

It is very good at detecting intruders with its censor at the top part. Detecting range is about 30 feet with a 360-degree adjustable angle. This machine will require 4AA batteries to functions. It gives a harmless effect to you and your garden. Once you buy this sprinkler, you will get one year’s warranty as well.

1. Day and Night Detection Modes Motion Activated Sprinkler by Orbit

Detection Modes Motion Activated Repels Animals and Pests by Orbit
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For those having plants around their house or gardening plants surrounding their living area, they might have faced animals or bad intruders coming in to bite and steal the plants from the garden. Thus, this is the time that you can start utilizing this Amazon Renewed tool which is one of the effective enforcers to chase intruders away.

This device will detect and scan its surrounding area by its sensor; the sensor can cover a big area without an issue. It can spray water to chase the animals out in 70 square feet. This one features 24 hours enforcer that you can use whenever you need it even it is at day or night.

Additionally, the sprinkler can help you save; and by saving we meant that per activation of this device, you will only need 2 to cups of water and 4 AA batteries. So, this will help you save your expense and your time, too.

Buying Guide for Motion Activated Sprinklers:

There are always some guiding points that you should look at when you decide to buy a motion-activated sprinkler because you have to make sure that the unit can protect your garden or yard well. So, below, you will find some criteria that can assist you in getting the right options of sprinkler for yourself.


The sensor is a very important feature for these sprinklers. Once you look at any motion-activated sprinkler, you have to check and see whether the device can automatically detect the intruder with its sensor or not. Hence, you don’t need to set the unit up every time you see animals; you can just let the sensor detect them for you.

Area Protection:

As of area protection, we refer to how big of the area that your sprinkler can cover or protect your garden. So, that is always a good idea to buy any styles or kinds of sprinklers with a wider area of protection, so that you can make sure there are no unwanted guests coming near your house.

Power Source:

The power source of your sprinkler will help you save your expense, so you have to consider the power source of each unit. Some kinds of sprinklers might need only sunlight power because they are a solar type, and some kinds might need high electricity while some might need only a battery. So, you need to choose wisely regarding the power source.


Not all sprinklers come with zero chemical content when it comes to the water it sprays out. If you want a sprinkler that is harmless (to the user, the animals, and the plants), get a sprinkler that sprays no chemicals. Therefore, shop informatively about this aspect.