- Last Updated : November 16, 2019

7 Best Plug Aerators Reviews and Buying Guides in 2019

Many of you homeowners may have experienced your lawn not growing to your liking. They are either not thick enough or not long enough despite your constant watering and care. If you are confused as to why your lawn behaves this way and has never heard of aerating your lawn before then this list is just the thing you are looking for. Many lawn caretakers or gardeners often use Best Plug Aerators to perforate their soil with tiny holes so that oxygen and other nutrients can get into the roots of the plants. This process is known as aeration.

Aeration is extremely important for any lawn owners as they loosen compacted soil. This ensures that the roots of the plants grow deeper into the soil resulting in a stronger and more vigorous lawn. As a general rule of thumb, you will aerate your lawn during Spring because it can open up the compacted soil brought in during winter.

Having said that, our team of experts has researched and come up with the best aerators taking into quality, price, and functionalities.

7. Agri-Fab 40″ Tow Behind Plug Aerators

7. Agri-Fab 40-inch Tow Behind Plug Aerator
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With twenty-four knives that are galvanized and sharpened, this aerator from Agri-Fab ensures deep and accurate penetration into and within the soil. Easily loosening soil particles in your garden, this aerator can hold up to 140 pounds of weight on its weight tray in order to increase soil penetration. At forty inches, this aerator is smaller than most on the list.

However, this size is also one of the most common for aerators illustrating that it is sufficient for tending to your home garden and other basic and small agricultural needs. The aerator comes with a 10-inch wheel covered with flat-proof tires.

It is made with durable material and its hitch has a universal fit ensuring that tending to your garden will not be spent trying to find the perfect brand for your aerator’s hitch.

The assembly of this aerator, however, is not an easy feat. It is best to start the assembly task after having acquired at least a basic knowledge of aerators.

6. Brinly-Hardy 40-inch Tow Behind Plug Aerators

6. Brinly-Hardy 40-inch Tow Behind Plug Aerator
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Also at the smaller end of this aerator list, the Brinley tow behind plug aerators are equipped with twenty-four heat-treated 16-gauge steel plugging spoons. The spoons of the aerator easily penetrate the soil as its making allows it to soften the soil and it comes into contact with it. They will also scoop the soil particles up as they enter the ground, ensuring that space for air is created evenly and proficiently.

This aerator’s weight tray can hold up to 150 pounds of weight and this heavier amount allows for even deeper penetration of the ground. With a single lever, this aerator can be easily transported as you move around. Moreover, the construction of the aerator is such that it works easily on uneven ground and slopes. Its hitch also has a universal-fit quality.

However, the engaging lever is inconveniently placed much further from the seat on the tractor. Therefore, if your garden requires a lot of disengagement, it is recommended that you tend to your garden with a partner. You will need help in reaching and pulling the lever in order to turn or lift and lower the machine.

5. Agri-Fab 42-inch SmartLink Plug Aerators

5. Agri-Fab 42-inch SmartLink Plug Aerator
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Slightly bigger than the previous aerators, and much cheaper too, this forty-two inch SmartLink Plug aerator model from Agri-Fab is our number five on the list. Though this aerator is also equipped with similarly twenty-four galvanized and sharpened knives – like its predecessor on the list – it is known for creating a better penetration and loosening of the soil.

The material of the knives is such that even after a rainfall, the aerator is still able to efficiently intrude into the ground and produce space for aeration. Even when the ground is packed with clay, this aerator can still reliably punch into the ground to create at least 2-3 inch deep holes.

Assembling this aerator is very convenient and quick as the guidelines for Agri-Fab’s SmartLink is truly as easily comprehensible as claimed.

4. John Deere 48″ Plug Aerator

John Deere 48-inch Aerator
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The John Deere tow behind plug aerator by Brinly-Hardy is at the larger end on this list at forty-eight inches in width. This allows its tray to hold an even larger capacity of weight than the abovementioned aerators and, in turn, enables the aerator to be capable of even deeper penetration into the ground.

However, its capacity to hold more weight can be its own source of inconvenience as it does not work well on dry ground. Even with nearly 200 pounds on the weight tray, if the ground is dry, this aerator can only create at most 2-inch holes.

Its green-colored tray and yellow core wheels give the aerator a very pleasing and aesthetic look – a nice addition to your gardening tools.

3. Tow Plug Aerator by Craftsman

3. Agri-Fab’s Craftsman 40-inch Tow Behind Plug Aerator
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The Craftsman aerator is valuable equipment to add to your home caretaking tools. This strikingly red aerator has a wide tray that can hold up to 140 pounds of weight at once. It is equipped with twenty-four galvanized steel knives that can go up to 3 inches deep into your soil ensuring the most effective possible aeration for your lawn.

On top of this, the aerator is cleverly designed to be easy to store with a lift handle that allows it to be stood up against a wall securely. This is a feature that none of the other aerators on this list has. Its wheels are also made with convenience in mind as they are flat-free tires that will roll smoothly over the surface of your lawn.

2. 48″ Tow-Behind Plug Aerator by Strongway

2. Strongway 48-inch Tow Behind Plug Aerator
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This aerator made by Strongway is on the larger side of aerators in this list measuring at 48 inches wide. While this may heavily affect its weight making it slightly difficult to move the aerator itself, it means that it will also cover a larger surface area of your lawn at once which is definitely a big bonus in our books.

Having a larger width also means that it comes equipped with many more knives as well, with this particular aerator sporting 32 separate coring spikes to penetrate your compacted soil. This will effectively save some time when aerating your lawn.

This aerator has also been coated with a durable finish extending its life use even further. It has a pin-style hitch for ease of attachment onto or removal from lawnmowers without any extra equipment necessary. With so many features and a high-quality build, the Strongway aerator is the perfect equipment to get air and water into your soil.

1. Plug Aerator by Yard Tuff

1. Yard Tuff 48-inch Tow Behind Plug Aerator
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The Yard Tuff aerator is another great aerator that must be mentioned in this list. It is built and designed to be towed by a lawn tractor to ensure the efficient and consistent spread of aeration over the lawn. Similarly to the previous aerator, it has the same width and so is also equipped with the same number of coring spikes of 32.

Moreover, it also has the same pin design as well allowing it to be easily attached to other vehicles or equipment for the best possible maintenance of your lawn. However, one big downside to this aerator is that the spike only reaches up to about 2.5 inches into your soil which is definitely on the lower end of many aerators out there.

Buying Guide for Best Plug Aerators

Aerators come in many different sizes and are equipped with different tools and features that may be important to some lawn owners but not others. So you will want to pick the right aerator that comes with the features most important to you.

Coring Spikes/Knives:

This is by far the most important feature to look out for in any aerators as these objects are the ones doing the perforation and penetration of your soil. You will want to look for quality and durable ones that have been coated or finished properly through techniques such as galvanization and made from sturdy materials such as steel. Different sized aerators will also come with different numbers of spikes and the higher number of spikes, the more holes you will be making into your soil.

Weight capacity:

This is another important aspect of aeration as you will want your aerators to hold as large capacity of weight as possible. This is because the more weight you can put onto your aerators, the better your aeration will be as your spikes will be digging deeper into your soil. Furthermore, it also means you can aerate the even the most compacted of soils out there.


Aerators are often used in conjunctions with lawn mowers or lawn tractors for ease of use and effort. Some aerators may require extra equipment to attach the aerators to these vehicles or equipment while other aerators may already come with these attachments installed with the aerator itself.


The wheels determine how smooth these aerators will run on the surface of your lawns and what kind of surface it can run on. Bigger and heavier wheels may cause your soil to be more compacted.


Aerators often come in different sizes, mainly their widths. Larger widths mean that the more surface area you will be aerating at once, however, it also means the aerator is heavier and more difficult to move and transport.


The only thing more pleasing than having a garden at the back of your house is having a garden with grasses growing at even heights and with flora and fauna flourishing atop them. Aerators are the way to create this serenity in your home.