- Last Updated : September 19, 2019

Top 10 Best Small Air Compressors in 2019 Review

Air compressor is a machine that is used both at home and at industries. Air compressor comes in every sort of size and style. Most of the air compressors are cheap and affordable. When selecting a best small air compressor, decide on what task you would be operating on & what characteristics you’re looking for i.e. if you’re searching for a work site small air-compressors or a small air-compressor for house use.

When buying you should consider the following factors i.e. environment of use, noise, air tool needs, size, portability, power source, and horsepower. However, getting a high-quality product might be a challenge because they are flooded in the market. Below are some of the products that you should consider buying.

#1. JOYROOM Portable-Compressor Tire-Inflator

Has a wider application

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JOYROOM air compressor has a digital pressure-gauge which helps one know the air pressure amount. It has a maximum working pressure of 150PSI. It is easy to use by simply plugging it directly into the Cigarette-Lighter Socket of one’s vehicle and start the engine. The device has an auto shut off feature making it easier to operate.

It is simple to read the wheel pressure gauge hence easy to use. It is equipped with a high-precision & bright display. The tool can be used on trucks, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, air mattress, etc. it comes with a power cord length of 10 feet & a horse pipe of 2 feet. It can operate for a maximum time of eight minutes continuously.

#2. Kensun Performance-Portable Compressor-Inflator

Inflates fast

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This air pressure works at a maximum pressure of 120 PSI. It can be comfortably used on bicycles, cars, motorcycles, pressure balls, and others. It inflated fast due to double strong metal motors deliver more power. It is easy to use and operate.

It has an analog meter which is easier to read. The pressure gauge is bright, large and classic with the component conversion. This device is built to serve for a longer time hence more durable. Kensun air pressure is lightweight hence more portable.

#3. EPAuto-Portable Compressor-Digital Inflator

Has universal valve

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EPAuto air compressor is a 12V DC tool. It lightweight hence can be comfortably transported from one place to the other. It can be used to inflate bicycles cars, balls, inflatable kayaks, sedan & medium-size SUV. It is equipped with a universal valve which makes it ready for use.

This air compressor has a maximum pressure of 70Psi hence can’t be used on heavy duty-truck tires. It has a digital unit which is easier to read and interpret. It is also equipped with LED flashlight and a bright torch. This tool is capable of auto shut off to prevent over inflation.

#4. PORTER-CABLE-C2002 Oil-Free Pancake-Compressor

Has a tank that holds excess air

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PORTER air compressor has a maximum air pressure of 150 psi. It has a pressure tank which keeps more air. This device has a handle that makes it simple for carrying around. It is durable and oil-free pump, therefore, has minimal or no maintenance needed.

It is easy to use and operate. It has water drain-valve & rubber feet which makes it more stable. This tool is lightweight. It has a maximum pressure of 150-PSI. The tanks that hold excess air has a volume of 6 gallons.

#5. DEWALT DCC020IB-20V Inflator-Bare

Auto shut off

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DEWALT DCC020IB air compressor operates on a 20v battery power supply. It has a handle that makes it more convenient and suitable when carrying around. The tool has a larger volume of inflation & deflation modes. It has an LED light which helps in illumination.

It is easy to use and operate it. This air compressor has an auto shut off feature which prevents excess inflation. The inflation valve is threaded for a secure connection. It has a digital meter which indicates the pressure level.

#6. Yome Portable-Compressor Flashlight-Inflatables

Have 2 cylinders for fast inflation

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Yome Cylinder Air-Compressor Pump is built of high-purity copper-wire coil hence it is more durable. It is more stable to give more accurate inflation. It has a dual cylinder which makes inflation to be faster & safer, unlike single cylinder.
When in operation it produces less heat. The tire pressure could be raised from 0 to 35 PSI within two minutes. It has a bright LED light which illuminates making it easier for use. It has a handle which makes it more convenient when carrying.

#7. VIAIR-93 90P-Portable Compressor

Best value for money

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VIAIR air compressor has a maximum working pressure of 120 PSI. It operates on a power supply of 12 Volts. It has a meter gauge which shows one the reading of tire pressure. This air compressor is lightweight and has a handle which makes it more convenient when carrying it around.

This device can be used in bike, motorcycles, SUVs, sedans and other small cars. It is easy to use and operate. It comes with storage & carrying bag and a 5ft air-hose pipe. This tool is cheap hence more affordable.

#8. Campbell Hausfeld-DC080500 Portable-Compressor

More portable

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Campbell Hausfeld air compressor operates quietly. It produces 68 dBA making it best for indoor & outdoor use. This tool is multipurpose. It can both be used for inflation, stapling, hobby painting, nailing, fastening & bolting projects.
It is more durable. The tool is oil-free hence requiring little or no maintenance. It has a double piston pump. It has wheels and a handle which makes it more convenient and easier while moving around with it. It is easy to use.

#9. AUTLEAD Tire-Inflator Portable-Compressor

Had LED illumination

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AUTLEAD air compressor is a strong and powerful inflator. It is capable to inflate very fast at a rate of 40 liters per minute. It is simple to use and has higher accuracy. It auto shut off to prevent over inflation. This device has a high-resolution LCD-screen which enables one to monitor inflating progress clearly in three possible UNITs which includes PSI, Bar, and Kpa.

It has an LED light for illumination when in darkness. The tool has three lighting modes which include normal, SOS and strobe and can be used for emergencies outdoors. It is lightweight hence more portable. It can be used to inflate motorcycle, bikes, cars, balls, balloons, and others.

#10. VacLife Air-Compressor Tire-Inflator

Best for efficiency

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VacLife Air-Compressor is a fast inflating device which is easier to use. It has an auto shut off feature which prevents over inflation. It is multipurpose i.e. can be used on bikes, cars, Sedan SUV, motor, and sports equipment that are inflatable.

It has a digital meter indicator which shows the level of pressure. It has LED lighting which illuminates when in use on darkness. It has a power cable that is 11 feet which can be used on a long-range. The device is lightweight hence it is more portable. This air compressor is easy to use and operate.


Buying a small air compressor is like buying a valuable device hence care should be taken and thorough research is done. There exist several choices in the market and are of different qualities. For you to enjoy the services offered by the air compressor comfortable and for a longer time, you should consider buying any of the ones listed above.