- Last Updated : September 19, 2019

Top 10 Best Small Air Conditioners in 2019 Review

Are you in need of a high-quality small air conditioner? A small air conditioner is affordable, convenient and more portable to every place. An air conditioner helps in regulating the temperature of a room. When purchasing an air conditioner you should make sure that you buy a high-quality one so that it can deliver the expected results.

There are some factors to consider when purchasing an air conditioner; this includes noise made, size, weight, power, efficiency, durability and many more. Getting the best small air conditioner might be a challenge, below are some of the small air conditioner that you should consider buying.

#1. Key Power-Hot Summer-Conditioner

Operates quietly

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Key Power-Hot Summer-Conditioner has the ultimate cooling-fan. This device circulates heat into cool air. The cooling fan can cool & humidify the atmosphere around. The device can operate for longer hours. It has a large wind distance with a wider angle. The device shuts off automatically when the water level is too low.

The device has a bigger tank which prevents every time refill. It operates silently, therefore, the environment remains calm. Humidifying-purification water-tank is well-suited with mineral, purified water & taped water or increase ice-cube to boost the cooling-air effect. The device is lightweight hence portable to any place.

#2. ShookOne Portable-Conditioner Humidifier-Breathing

Has a Nano filter

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This is a four in one air cooler i.e. a humidifier, an air cooler, a Purifier or a Desktop. The fan gives a clean and cool air which creates a comfortable atmosphere in the summertime. It is a good energy-saving device and environment-friendly. It has a cooling length of up to a maximum of 3.3 feet.

The device has a bigger water tank which is 400ml-water tank which gives one with up-to five hours of cooling-effect. The device operates in minimal noise, therefore, no distraction caused. This air conditioner has handles which makes it easier for carrying around. This air conditioner is suitable for various occasions.

#3. Personal Conditioner-Portable Evaporative-Humidifier

Has a bigger water capacity

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This device designed for making individual space cooling. It is made using the up-to-date evaporative misting-cooling tech which makes the atmosphere surrounding cool. The device has three fan speeds therefore fast cooling is experienced.

It is easy and convenient to use. It operates quietly with minimal noise disturbance. It is capable to cool to a distance of up to 20 feet. It has a water tank capacity of 1000ml. It is capable to operate for a period of 6 to 10 hours continuously.

#4. Portable Conditioner-TO COOL Evaporative-Rechargeable

Has LED soothing-night light

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Portable Conditioner-TO COOL Evaporative-Rechargeable is USB-Rechargeable Fan with a soft leather-handle which makes it possible and easier to carry around. The device is lightweight therefore more convenient to carry. The device has an in-built LED relaxing night light.

The device has a multipurpose function which includes air purification, filtering & humidifying the air. The device operates on a rechargeable battery. The air conditioner can operate for a period of 2 to 8 hours. The device has three-speed making it one has choices on the most suitable. It is best used for a bedside table, home, dorm, travel, office, outdoor actions.

#5. Powerful Conditioner-Evaporative Nightlight-Humidification

Has a timing function

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This Air conditioner has built-in large-scale cooling equipment; therefore, one needs not to add ice. All one needs is to keep on adding water to the tank. It is capable to blow a cooling wind within a second. The device uses minimal power hence saves energy.

It is easy to time & use. It has a beautiful blue led-light at the bottommost side. It is best for use in kid’s room.it is lightweight hence more portable. It doesn’t produce any kind of harmful gases hence it is safe for use.

#6. Conditioner KUUOTE-Evaporative Circulator-Humidifier

Purifies the air

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Conditioner KUUOTE-Evaporative Circulator-Humidifier is portable and can be used like any normal desk fan. It works by adding water & ice into the tank so that it can have a cooling effect. The device has various functions i.e. air humidifier and air Circulator.

The device can operate for a period of 3 to 5 hours before the water tanks drain off. It has 7-Color Lights which brings one a best mood & help one fall asleep healthier. The device operates Ultra-Quietly hence no disturbances created when you are resting. It is easy to operate and maintain.

#7. Conditioner Multifunctional-Portable Desktop-Bedroom

Cools the room fast

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This air conditioner has several wind-speeds which meets all your requirements. The device is portable and can adjust the wind direction easily. This device is capable to cool your room in a few minutes. It is simple and convenient for any occasion use.

It is simple to operate and set. It has a LED-display & simple mode choice button. The device auto shut off when the level of water drops down. It is also capable to blow-dry the floor ground automatically it cools the room quickly.

#8. OVPPH Portable-Conditioner Circulator-Ultra Quiet

Operates on minimal power

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OVPPH air conditioner has seven colors LED-Lights which soothes one when resting. It has a handle which makes it possible and convenient when carrying. It doesn’t consume a lot of power hence it is energy saving. It has a fast cooling effect.

It causes no noise when in operation. It is capable to perform three operations at a go which includes cooling, humidify & purify the atmosphere around you. The humidity provided makes your skin feels hydrated. The device has 3 fan-speeds. It is capable to operate in three to four hours non-stop.

#9. ALLYAG Conditioner-Evaporative Purifying-Ultra Quiet

Has a removable design

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ALLYAG air-conditioner has a dustproof filtration tech & Chilly Breeze. This makes it possible to have a clean & cool breeze. The healthy & clean air, guard one’s skin from infections. It has a removable water-tank & Adjustable Air-Outlet design. It is suitable to use and carry around.

It operates quietly hence more convenient when sleeping. It has three wind speed-setting. It has an in-build warm LED-Night Light which improves the mood of sleeping. The device is powerful and has a fast cooling fan which cools the room very fast.

#10. Peodelk Conditioner-Evaporative Circulator-Humidifier

More convenience

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Peodelk air Conditioner is lightweight and portable to any location conveniently. It is just 9.5-inch tall therefore not bulky. It is best used in a living room, bedroom, office, etc. It has a water tank which has a volume of 420ml. This capacity can serve for a period of 4 to 6 hours of non-stop operation.

One can also add perfume or essential oil to the humidifier for you to have a pleasant feeling. It is easy to use because it has just three buttons for Power, speed or refrigeration. The device operates on low power consumption hence saves energy.


After going through the above listed small air conditioner, we hope you’ve come across at least one that has satisfied you. The best air conditioner can change the feeling and taste of your home to a comfortable place. It will also enable one to have a comfortable sleep and have your visitors enjoy the visit. When in need of a small air conditioner, you should consider purchasing any of the listed above for your maximum comfort and efficiency