- Last Updated : September 19, 2019

Top 10 Best Small Air Fryers in 2019 Review

Fried foods can be made delicious and without a potential health hazard. Air fryer prepares food without saturating them inside the oil. This device prepares fried & fatty & food which includes chicken nuggets & French fries, making them healthier. This device insulates food with hot air for it to cook faster with just a little oil.

When buying you should consider the following factors so that you can be able to get the best quality air fryer. These include the size, price, more functions like toasting and baking, inside lighting, ease of cleaning, the temperature should be about 400 degrees, timer, and a handle. Below is a list of top best fryers that one should consider buying.

#1. Chefman Quart-Fryer

Has a bigger capacity

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Chefman air fryer has a space of 3.5 liters. It has a sixty minutes timer which automatically shut off. It is made from a BPA free material making it safe for use. It has a temperature range from 175 to 400 degrees which enables one to cook to his or her desired temperature. This is made possible for one to get healthy, fried and crispy finishing by utilizing at least 80 percent less-oil than old-style fryers.

The device has a detachable flat-basket. The size of the device is perfect because it easily fits the counter. It is more versatile because no preheating is needed for several foods. It is easy to clean it making your food to be healthy and cleaner.

#2. Gourmia GAF228-Digital Fryer-Dishwasher Safe

Easy to regulate temp and timer

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Gourmia is a digital air fryer. It displays the temperature on the screen for easier reading and viewing. The RadiVection 360 degrees tech allows one to broil, bake, grill, roast & FRY each of your best foods minus any oil or fat. It has a non-stick removable tray.

The LCD screen which has digital controls to regulate time & temperature settings. The device cooks 30% faster than the normal oven. The device is ETL-certified hence it is safe for human use. It is an efficient & high-quality product.

#3. 1550 Watt-Programmable Reheating-Dehydrating AF101

It is simple to clean

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One can presently enjoy guilt-free food. This air fryer cooks with seventy-five percent less fat than the old frying methods. It has a temperature range of 105°F to 400°F, which enables one to smoothly get out humidity from food faster, cook faster & crisp food faster with the required temperature.

It has a non-sticky basket plus and crisper-plate which perfectly fits 2-lbs of French-fries. It has a multi-layer rack which increases the dehydrating capacity. The system will require preheating time before getting up to the required temperature.

#4. GoWISE USA-3-7-Quart Programmable-GW22639

Comes with a recipe

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This device will let one to air fry the favorite fried-foods with minimal to no-oil. Using the same air fryer you can still bake a cake in a more convenient method. It has 8 presets which include fries, warm, steak, chicken, shrimp, cake, pork & fish. It has an LCD display which allows one to regulate temperature from 180F to 400F and time from 1 minute to 60 minutes.

It has an indicator that lets one know when the cooking time is reached. The timer beeps for some times to let one know when it is done. The package comes with a recipe book which allows one to cook his or her favorite food perfectly.

#5. Compact Electric-Temperature Control-Feature

It is lightweight

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Dash Compact-Air Fryer has a capacity of 1.2 liters. The basket is non-sticky hence no food will remain in the basket. It helps in reducing fat by 70 to 80 % without changing the flavor of your food. It cooks fast and easy. The food comes out crispy.

It has an automatic shut off features which prevent overcooking your food. It has cool-touch housing & a handle which makes it secure to use at any time. It is easy to clean it up. The device is compact and lightweight making it possible for one to take it around with ease. A recipe book is included in the package.

#6. BELLA Electric-Removable Dishwasher-Basket

Has a comfortable handle

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BELLA Quart Air-Convection Fryer allows one to have crispy-golden brown delicacies like onion rings, French fries plus chicken-nuggets safely, with no excess fats or oils. It is easy and fast to cook with. Ti has a dish basket which has a capacity of 2.5 liters and can be capable to hold 2.2 lbs. of food.

It is easy to set the required temperature & time for cooking. With this overheating is prevented. A bit has a 60 minutes automatic shut off timer which has an audible tone. The package comes with a recipe a video and some cooking tips to make your work simple.

#7. COSORI Electric-Reminder Nonstick-Warranty

Has Non-sticky basket

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COSORI Air-Fryer has an LCD which enables one too comfortably and easily set the required temp and time for cooking. It had a nice casing and a comfortable handle which doesn’t burn you when it is hot. It comes with an extra metal holder which has one dual-layer rack & four skewers.

This air flyer fries with 85 percent less fat. It comes with an original recipe of one hundred different kinds of food. It cooks faster and easier. The product is ETL certified hence safe for use. The product auto shut off which prevents overcooking of the food.

#8. Function Anti-Shedding Overheating-Protection Touchscreen

Has cooking memory feature

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This device cooks with 85% less fat than the older deep-frying ways. This gives the same tasty crunchy flavor of the fried diet with minimal fat. It is easy to cook food with the device. It is easy to clean the basket making one’s food to be clean & healthy.

It has an in-built LCD screen which allows one to set and regulate the temperature and timer. One can comfortably cook fries, fish, chicken, shrimp, steak & cakes. This device has a cooking memory-function which is not found in more of the fryers. This fryer has been certified by ETL hence it is safe.

#9. Innsky Touchscreen-Countertop Dehydrator-Accessories

More spacious

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Innsky air-fryer has the new tech of cooking-food by 360-degree hot air-circulation. It gives out a crunchy, delicious and tasty food with no oil. The device has an LCD which shows and enables one to set the time & regulators.

The machine is multi-purpose i.e. dehydrator, rotisserie, pizza grill & toaster oven. The product has a temperature range of 180 °F – 400 °F which allows one to set the most appropriate heat. It is easy to operate and use. This air fryer is spacious because it has 2 rack levels.

#10. Gourmia Oil-Free Removable-Dishwasher Safe-Included

Easy to operate

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Gourmia Digital-Air Fryer has a removable and washable dishwasher tray. It also has RadiVection 360 degrees Tech which cooks foods fast & evenly minus oil or fat. The food prepared is always crispy and tasty.

The machine cooks food up to 30 percent faster. The package includes removable, a non-stick, dishwasher-safe pan plus a crisper tray. The LCD has seven preset cook-modes which help in fast and healthier cooking.


By now you should be decided on which is the best air fryer that suits you. From the listing above, those are the best-researched product which is certified and of high quality. Replace your older deep fryer with a newer one and you will be pleased with the outcomes.