- Last Updated : September 19, 2019

Top 10 Best Small Air Purifiers in 2019 Review

Air purifiers are becoming more and more popular nowadays. They help in reducing the number of impurities (pollen grains, airborne bacteria, dust, pet hair and many more) in the air. Most of these substances cause health problems which include asthma, chemical sensitivities & allergies. You can’t do away with most of these harmful pollutants even when your doors and windows are completely closed.

All you need so that you can minimize the chances of this harmful substance is the air purifier. The small air purifier will help you in removing all those substances. Below are some of the small air purifiers that you should consider when buying one.

#1. GermGuardian AC4100-Sanitizer Allergens-Guardian

Has optional UV-C light which kills the micro-organism

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GermGuardian Desktop-Air Purifier is three in one air purifiers i.e. Home-Air Cleaner, UVC Sanitizer, and HEPA Filter. The device traps allergens from smoke, mold, odors, germs, dust & pet dander. It is capable to clean the air for up to 99.97 percent. It has a compact design hence fits in a smaller space.

It is capable to kill germs by use of UV-C light which kills rhinovirus, influenza, and staph. It also operates with Titanium-Dioxide to decrease volatile biological compounds. This device has Pre-filter traps which trap bigger particles increasing the lifespan of the HEPA-filter. It has three-speed settings & an elective UV-C light.

#2. LEVOIT LV-H132 Purifier-Allergies Eliminator

Has both UVC Light & Anion

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This device is capable to reduce Smoke smell Dust and Molds. It operates quietly hence can be used in a bedroom or an office. It is equipped with a true High Effectiveness Carbon Filter & HEPA filter. This air purifier is equipped with UVC Light & Anion which other Types adopt. It has three stages of filtration which include Pre-Filter, HEPA Filter, and High-Efficiency Actuated Carbon Filter which helps in capturing allergens, pet hair, smoke, odor, mold & big dust particles. It is capable to clean the air up to 99.97 percent; therefore, it is very efficient. It has two light brightness settings which help you in seeing it.

#3. Hamilton Beach-True Plug-Mount Eliminator

Neutralizes Odors

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Hamilton Beach-True Air purifier is capable to filter & trap carbon particles and neutralize the smell. This makes the air fresh and clean for human use. It is best used in cleaning kitchen smoke, tobacco odor, pet hair, and bathrooms smell.

It is plugged into a 110-volt outlet which is standard for it to operate. It has a filter replacement sign which notifies you. It is easy to operate and use. It is equipped with an optional fragrance cartridge. The device is lightweight hence more portable.

#4. Holmes 3-Speed HEPA-Type Purifier-Optional

Has the best design

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Holmes is a three-speed air purifier with an optional Ionizer. Its filter is capable to reduce up to 99 percent of harmful substances which includes smoke, dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander plus odors. The device has a double positioning & a compact design hence can be positioned horizontally or vertically anywhere.

The ionizer helps in naturally increases the job of the air-purifier while cleaning the air. It is easier to use and operate. The device is lightweight hence more portable. It is the best value for money. The device can comfortably operate in a room of up-to 109-square feet.

#5. JINPUS Purifier-Upgraded Portable-Purifiers

Operates quietly

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JINPUS air purifier operates quietly & has upgraded powerful design. It is capable to clean the air in a 360 degrees design performance. The airflow faster, improving air clearance efficiency. It has a high-quality HEPA-Filter which completely filters the air.

Its small size & modern plan make it simple to suit in every small rooms or area. It is quick & easy to operate & install. It has a blue LED-light and a button to enter into a sleep-mode. It is capable to operate in 8-hours non-stop and shut off automatically.

#6. KOIOS Upgraded-Purifier Filtration-Purifier White

Cleans the air in a 360 degrees

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KOIOS Air-Purifier is equipped with a 3-in-1. It operates in three stages which includes Pre-filter, HEPA Filter, and Activated-Carbon Filter. This product is 100 percent Ozone Free and it is Fcc Certified therefore it is safe for use. This device is capable to clean the air up to 99.97 percent. It removes all dust, smoke, pollen, and others.

This product is free form ozone and doesn’t utilize ions or UV which create trace quantities of quantifiable ozone, a harmful air pollutant. It is capable to clean the air in 360 degrees making it healthy and fresh. It is easy to operate and utilize.

#7. THREE MUSKETEERS-III Portable-Conservation

More portable

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This air purifier is best used in bedroom, office desktop, and car and inside a pet room. It operates silently and uses less power hence saves energy. It is lightweight therefore more portable. It is capable to clean in a space of about six square meters. This product is capable of removes 99 percent of indoor harmful pollutants.

This device is capable to work with 10,000mAh mobile-power for 10 hours. It is easy to use and operate. This machine has different types of operation mode which includes Sleep Mode, High-speed Mode, and Automatic Mode and off.

#8. RENPHO Allergies-Purifiers Eliminates-Allergens

Has a compact design

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RENPHO Air-Purifier has three stages of filtration process which includes Pre-Filter, True-HEPA Filter & Activated Carbon-Filter. This makes it possible for the air to be cleaned up to 99.97 percent. The device operates quietly hence no distraction caused. One can simply select high, medium, low fan speed or choose sleep-mode set the machine on the lowest setting.
The device has powerful, compact design size. It has a filter-replacement indicator which flashes once it’s the moment to change the filter. It is easy to use and operate. The product has no harmful ozone or UV-C and it is ETL-Certified therefore it is safe for use.

#9. Colzer Purifier-Filter Spaces-Perfect

Best for larger rooms

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Colzer Air-Purifier has a True HEPA-Air Filter. It is capable to filtrate air in larger rooms which have a space of up-to 800-Sq Ft. it is equipped with an auto mode which has a cutting-edge, smart sensor, the air-purifier which auto-adjust amongst three fan speed settings. The device operates quietly in a level of 28-dB, therefore, it is best for indoor use. It has a timer setting of 1/2/4/8 hours depending on how long you want the purifier to operate. This device is easy to use and operate.

#10. MELEDEN Purifier-Filters Upgraded-Purifiers

Able to filter very fine particles

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MELEDEN air purifier operates on a quiet mode, therefore, causes minimal or no distraction. It is operated by the use of micro USB-cable. The device filters bits as little as 0.30-microns & larger, plus filters air pollution of PM-2.5 which cleans and increases the overall health.

The device is lightweight (550 grams) hence more portable. It can clean in an area of about 10 square meters. It is best used in small areas & rooms which includes studio, office-desktop, bedroom, kitchen and pet room. It is simple to operate.


When buying this air filters you should consider the following factors which include the size of the purifier, the cost, and the accessibility of the replacement-filters, the amount of power consumption, quality and many more. The above-listed product varies on their sizes, features, and prices. Regardless of the small air purifier, you have chosen, the entire one’s listed above are of the best quality and operates best. Hence choose the one that suits your budget.