- Last Updated : July 30, 2019

Top 10 Best Soccer Net and Goal Target Sheets in 2019

All you need to get better at soccer is a good target to aim for. Fortunately, one of the top 10 best soccer net and goal target sheets in 2019 are ready and able to help. These goals and targets set up quickly.

Plus they are light enough to take anywhere you go. That flexibility lets you get in a lot of soccer shooting practice even when you are at school. In addition to all of that, taking time to practice helps improve your health and keeps you fit and trim.

Our soccer net and goal target sheets review

List Of Top 10 Best Soccer Net and Goal Target Sheets in 2019

10. GOLME PRO Training Soccer Goal

GOLME PRO Training

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When you need to practice but do not have a playing field near your home,.this soccer goal target makes up for that lack of opportunity. It sets up in about 3minutes and when you are done folds up into a very compact size.

Made from aluminum this soccer goal target is lightweight yet strong,. It should be able to handle your strong kicks with ease. Two guy lines make sure the net doe snot fall down on you or get blown away by the power of your kicks.

Also, you have 4 sizes to choose from. You get the practice you need to make sure your shots are accurate. Weighing only 30 ponds, you can pack this goal almost anywhere you need to go.

9. Forza Pro Soccer Goal Target Sheets

Forza Pro Soccer Goal

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The bright yellow strips highlight and isolate the corners on this goal target. That makes it easier for you to improve your accuracy and learn how to hit those key spots without thinking.

Plus, these strips are easy to attach to a regulation size goal. Only a few minutes is needed to make sure you know the best places to aim for. Once you get your practice in these strips come down just as easily. The loop and pin fasteners ensure that these strips stay in place.

Also, made from air mesh construction materials, these yellow strips endure the wind and rain with out complaint. You can leave them up if you want saving you some valuable practice time. You have 6 different sizes to choose from.

8. Forza Alu60 Soccer Goal

Forza Alu60 Soccer Goal

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Having a lot of choice is what makes life good. Even when you are practicing your soccer skills, choice makes your practice better and easier to do. With this unit, you can choose the size of your goal. From 6 by 4 feet in size to 24 by 8 ft.

How you practice is up to you but one thing is for sure, this goal target is made to last you a long time. Made from steel with zinc coating, these soccer goal targets are basically weatherproof. Being strong does not make them hard to assemble or set up.

Also, the goals fold up nice and small making transporting to another location very simple to do. A white net clips into place and is ready to receive those soccer balls you send its way.

7. Pass Heavy Duty Steel Soccer Goal

Pass 24 x 8 Ft

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Having the net included in with your soccer goal purchase not only saves you money but makes practice a lot easier to do.  This 24 by 8 practice soccer goal target brings the net along with it so yo do not have to go chasing your soccer ball after every shot.

Plus, the galvanized steel frame comes in 2 inch thick pieces.Those pieces are protected against rust and corrosion so your new goal will last you through your soccer career. Then it only takes about 20 minutes to get the goal assembled and ready for practice.

After you have finished your practice session, the elastic clasps come off nice and easy. This takes your net down fast so you can get home for supper.

6. FORZA Professional Soccer Goal and Net


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Play and practice like a professional on this 8 by 4 soccer goal. You can practice your accuracy with the tiny dimensions at your disposal. Small nets are not a problem. They help you fine tune your shooting so you can make better goals against tough opponents.

Also, the fully portable goal allows you to set up anywhere you have the room. On the beach, in the park or at home. Your skills will increase the more you sue this soccer goal target. The pros use small nets to help develop their skills as well.

Made from tough PVC construction materials, you should be able to use this soccer goal all year round. A secure locking system keeps the goal standing as it absorbs your hard kicks.

5. Vallerta Regulation Size Soccer Goal

Vallerta 24 x 8 Ft

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They say that practice makes perfect. That is true and this 24 by 8 foot regulation soccer goal target helps you perfect your shots. Plus, the easy to read instructions make sure you can set this goal up fast.

The sturdy construction materials handle the ball velocity well but the cross bar may not hold your weight if you decide to hang from it. Be careful and save the goal for soccer practice. Made from powder coated galvanized steel to protect against rust.

In addition to that, the net is weather proof so you do not have to let the rain ruin your practice times. Once this soccer goal is set up, you will have ample opportunity to develop your soccer skills.

4. Net World Sports Forza Soccer Goal

Net World Sports

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Becoming a good athlete means you need to practice long and hard. This steel soccer goal not only helps you do that, it come in 3 sizes to help you develop your accuracy skills. You can choose from 8 by 6, 12 by 6 and 16 by 7 foot soccer goals.

On top of that selection, you get durable soccer goals that are weatherproof and highly durable. Made from steel, they are strong enough to handle your powerful blasts. Thenet is also made specifically from materials that protect it from the sun and bad weather.

No tools are needed to assemble this soccer goal target. Just a little common sense and it will be ready in minutes. The locking system makes sure the goal remains standing as it is being used.

3. Net World Sports Freestanding Ball Stop Net and Post System

 Stop That BallTM

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This is a handy piece of soccer equipment to have backing up your soccer net. That is because until you are perfect with every shot you take, some of your soccer balls will miss your target. This ball stop netting makes sure you do not have to run a mile to collect your soccer ball.

Plus, you get 5 widths to choose from, and your choice depends on you and your friend’s accuracy, The width range comes between 10 and 50 feet so you have a lot of choice. The steel poles are strong and should be able to handle the speed of your soccer balls.

Also, this ball stop netting is made to withstand the weather.Once you put it up you can leave it in place.

2. Practice Partner Silverline Backyard Soccer Goal

Practice Partner

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This 6 by 12 foot soccer goal target provides you with a n excellent opportunity to fine tune your shooting skills. Made from tough steel tubing and combined with an all weather net, you can leave this soccer goal target up all year round.

Save on practice time by letting the soccer goal stay in place. Then when you get in the mood to practice it is there and you can start right away. Assembly is easy though and after you get it up, it is sturdy and able to handle the soccer punishment you dish out.

After the net is up, just take your time and pinpoint the key spots you need to work on. Being good takes a little patience.

1. Forza Alu110 Soccer Goal

Forza Alu110

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This aluminum made soccer goal target comes with its own set of heavy duty wheels. That makes moving this soccer goal into position nice and easy. After you have put it in its place, you can practice rain or shine.

This soccer goal target is weatherized and should handle all weather conditions without complaining. Plus, you get a variety of sizes to choose from. You can pick the size of goal that will help you the develop your skills the best.

Then the top quality netting makes sure your soccer balls are stopped and do not go far. Twist and lock net clips ensures that the net does not fall when hit by your soccer ball.

Some final words

Practicing your soccer skills takes work and the right equipment. When you use one of the top 10 best soccer net and goal target sheets in 2019, you are using the right equipment.

Now all you need to do is make sure you have the time set aside to practice. Fine tuning your accuracy is the way to make sure the scouts spot you and give you better soccer playing opportunities.