- Last Updated : October 9, 2019

Top 10 Best Wireless HDMI Transmitter Receivers in 2019 Review

With wireless HDMI transmitter, one is free to place his or her television at any place in a room and connect it to the PC, projectors, game console or laptop without the use of cables & wires. This will help in reducing congestion in a place saving space.

Wireless HDMI transmitter is best used in office and home. It is capable to transmit both audio and video content. However, getting the best quality transmitter can be a hard task. You need to consider the following for you to be safe. This includes; device range, latency & resolution, size, ease of use and installation, obstruction impact, signal strength, transmission frequency, compatibility, and efficiency.

#1. Diamond-Multimedia Wireless-Extender Transmitter

More portable

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This device allows an HD 1080 pixel video and Audio up-to 30 feet. It can be used on a TV-cable box, Blu-ray or DVD player, satellite box, gaming console, laptop, Mac, PC or from an HDMI source. The device supports anti-interference tech which has an operational frequency of 5GHz.

The device is the best solution for conference-room meetings, multimedia learning applications, and home entertainment. It is easy to use by just plug it indirectly on the HDMI-source & HDMI in a display. It is USB powered. It is a plug and play device. It is the best portable & mobile way out for Notebooks, Laptops & or every mobile device on HDMI capability.

#2. Nyrius Transmitter-Streaming Satellite-Projector

Controlled using remote

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This device enables the streaming of HD pictures with 1080 pixels. The device streams a high-definition 3D-signal & 5.1 channel with digital audio. The device is used with Mac, TV, Blu-ray, and PC. The pictures transmitted are low latency HD-video and crystal clear.
This device can be controlled using a remote control for your convenience. This tool is a plug & playmaking it simple to use and operate. There is no Wi-Fi or software connection needed.

#3. Wireless Extender-Transmitters Receiver-Loop Out

Has a low latency

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This device supports full HD 1080 pixels at a frequency of 60Hz. The device supports 3D which let one enjoy the intense world. The device can operate effectively at a distance of 100m. The device has an in-built IR signal-extension feature which enables one to control the source tool at a receiver.

It is easy to use and operate the device because it requires no Wi-Fi or software to operate it. The device is a plug-and-play media. The device has a very low latency of 0.3-seconds or less. The device can support many HDMI Devices.

#4. Actiontec Wireless-Transmitter Receiver-MWTVKIT01

Has a bigger transmission distance

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This device supports full HD-1080P. The device has a 5G Speed Wireless-Transmission. The device works effectively with gaming consoles, media players & cable set-top boxes. The output obtained is clear, stable & colorful and with no noise. This device is plug-and-play hence it is easy to set and install.

This device can effectively operate at a distance of 100 feet. The A/V qualities automatically adjust relying on wireless operating-environment. The device is controlled using the remote control of any joined room. This product is lightweight hence can be easily taken from one place to the other.

#5. Gofanco-Expandable Transmitter-Extension HDwirelessMulti

It has dual antenna

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This device has the latest innovative multi-channel double antenna. The device transmits full-HD video or audio signal of up to 2-TX to up-to 2-RX 165 feet away from the source. The double antenna design increases the quality & reliability of a wireless-link hence it gives a more stable & fluent video.
The device can be used with a Blu-ray player, PC, Roku, cable boxes and televisions. The device operates on a speed of 5GHz. It is simple to install and use. The device is durable & minimizes EMI and RFI-noise interference.

#6. Orei-Wireless Extender-Transmitter Receiver

Powered using a USB cable

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The device has a Full-HD 1080 pixel and it can operate effectively to a distance of about 100 feet. The device cannot transmit signals through a wall. One is joining the transmitter on an HDMI-camera & a receiver to the HDMI-monitor, power a transmitter using a USB-cable to the PC or also a power-bank.

The device is easy to set it up and use. There is no software required. The package includes a transmitter, a receiver, a power adapter, and a user manual. This product is lightweight hence can be transported to any place.

#7. Transmission Holly land-Transmitter Mirrorless-Stabilizer

Has a long transmission range

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The device has a stable & synchronous transmission. The device has a frequency of 5GHz. This makes it has a strong capability on high-speed data-transmission signal stabilization & anti-interference. This device has effective & reliable connectivity.

The device is capable to transmit data up to a distance of 300ft. With 2 antennas, the device can discharge signals at a maximum distance of five hundred visible feet & transmit data. The device is lightweight and has a compact design making it more portable.

#8. IOGEAR Wireless-Transmitter Receiver-GWHD2DKIT

Has a compact design

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This transmitter is capable to wirelessly share complete HD content. The device can effectively operate with a laptop, tablet and a TV. The device eliminates the requirements & expense of operating unsightly HDMI-cables.

This device connects permanent or temporary sources & a TV and other displays with no wires. The device can effectively connect to a distance of up to 40 feet. It is easy to use and install. These transmitters are compact and lightweight hence more portable.

#9. J-Tech Digital-Wireless Extender-JTECH WEX-60GA

Has zero latency

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J-Tech Digital-Wireless HDMI-Extender can effectively operate to a distance of about 100 feet. The device will not be able to transmit data through the wall. The device has a zero-latency transmission which makes it perfect for live TV which includes live TV occasions, presentations & gaming.

The device is powered using a USB port. The source of power can be a power bank or a portable battery. It is easy to use and install. The transmitter also supports different audio formats which include Dolby Digital, DTS-HD Master-Audio, and Dolby TrueHD & LPCM digital-audio streams.

#10. Wireless Receiver-Projector Compatible-Smartphone

Able to synchronize a smartphone & laptop

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The device has a 2 in-1 Connection Mode. The display dongle allows both wireless connection & wired connection. With the device, you can effectively stream a piece of music, 1080P videos, games, apps, images and files. The transmitter can be used on a smartphone, tablet, notebook, and HDTV. It is simple to operate and install.

The device is both lightweight and portable hence can be used at any place or occasion. The display dongle supports three paths which include Airplay which is used in Mac & Miracast which is used in Android. It can synchronize a smartphone & laptop to a larger-one of the projector or HDTV. The DLNA transmission pathway makes it able for one to love watching movies on a big screen when operating different things on the phone.


Having read the above review, you should be able to choose the best wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver which are of high quality, the transmitter which you should be capable to install and operate effectively. It should also be compatible with your gadget and appliances to give high-quality audio and images. Make a point of buying one of the above products and you will be happy with the service it provides.