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10 Best Dog Life Jackets [Review] In 2019

Your dog gives you so much. That is why when you are out on the water with your favorite pet, you should take the right steps to protect it. Using one of the top 10 best dog life jackets in 2019 is a great way to return the love your dog gives you.

These life jackets are made from top quality material and are rated for your specific dog breed. Dogs can do the dog paddle but at times they need help to stay afloat. That is where these top quality life dog life jackets come in.

They add an extra layer of protection so your dog can make it to shore easily. Keep your dog safe by making sure that when they go into the water, they have the life jacket that works for them.

Our Dog Life Jackets Review

Our Dog Life Jackets Review

1. Outward Hound Granby Splash Dog Life Jacket

Outward Hound Granby Splash Dog Life Jacket

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Adjustable belly and chest straps help you get the life jacket securely onto your dog. Once on your dog can enter the water without fear. Plus, you won’t lose sight of where he or she is with the bright orange color. Keep your dog visible at all times with this life jacket on them.

In addition to this, this life jacket comes in 3 sizes to help medium, large and extra large dogs have more fun in the water. Then if your dog is having trouble, the 2 rescue handles are on the back of this life jacket. Just lift your dog out with your hands and you are good to go.

To make sure you get the right fit, use the handy sizing chart. You do not want a life vest that is too loose or too small to use. After you get the life jacket on, its foam panels help keep your dog afloat and its head above water.

This life jacket should be comfortable for your dog to wear, just give him or her time to get used to it.

2. WOpet Dog Life Jacket

WOpet Dog Life Jacket, Fashion Dog Saver Life Jacket for Water Safety at The Beach,Pool,Boating

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Hopefully no boater or swimmer will mistake your dog for a shark. This dog life jacket comes with a shark fin for added bouyancy. If you do not like the gray shark color then the flamboyant pink may be safer for your dog to use.

This dog life jacket is made for smaller dogs between 8 and 20 pounds with a chest girth of 12 to 21 inches. The life vest is only about 12 inches long. Reflective parts help keep your dog visible while in the water.

Also, you have adjustable straps to make sure the life jacket fits securely. Quick release buckles make sure you can release your pet from its grasp with ease. A padded chest area keeps your dog nice and comfortable all the time they are wearing it.

Then in case your dog needs a little help, a rescue handle is placed on the back of this life jacket. You can get a firm grip and lift your dog out of the water without trouble. It is a great pet accessory to have on hand.

3. HAOCOO Dog Life Jacket

HAOCOO Dog Life Jacket Vest Saver Safety Swimsuit Preserver with Reflective Stripes or Adjustable Belt for Dog

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Just when you thought it was safe for you to go back into the water, your dog comes swimming up to you wearing this life jacket. Shaped like a shark, your dog can scare lots of people without being mean or really trying.

A padded chest zone makes sure this life jacket does not hurt your pet nor make it uncomfortable. Adjustable straps and easy to use buckles make putting your dog inside and taking him or her out simple and easy.

With the rescue handle on the back, your dog should not be in danger at any time. If you do not want your pet looking like a shark, there are 12 more vibrant colors you can choose to use. Your dog will stay visible and be fashion forward.

This life jacket comes in 3 sizes and uses mesh to allow it to dry quickly. The heavy duty nylon also protects against rips and tears. Plus, reflective strips work to keep your dog in your sight line easily. Your dog’s head should remain above the water at all times.

4. Bess Bridal Dog Life Jacket

Dog Life Jackets, Ripstop Pet Floatation Life Vest for Small, Middle, Large Size Dogs, Dog Lifesaver Preserver Swimsuit for Water Safety at The Pool, Beach, Boating

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Your dog may swim like a fish and now with this life jacket on he or she will look like one too. The tail should give him or her a little help in floating as well as direction. Plus, this dog life jacket goes on easily. Adjustable straps handle securing this life vest to your dog.

Then the easy to use buckles make strapping your pet inside simple. It only takes seconds to unhook those same buckles releasing your pet from its life jacket. On top of that, this life vest works with dogs in the small to medium to large sizes. There should be one to fit your pet.

Made from polyester and nylon, this life jacket is strong and durable. It should resist daily wear and tear as well as rips. The included mesh panels ensure your dog will not over heat and that the vest will dry out quickly.

A leash ring lets you tether your dog nearby letting them swim but not going too far away from you.Then the rescue handle gives you a spot to remove your pet from the water.

5. PETCEE Dog Life Jacket

PETCEE Dog Life Jacket with Great Buoyancy, Adjusttable Belts and Rescue Grab

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Maybe your dog won’t be too embarrassed to be seen out on the beach with this pink life jacket on its back. While it adds bouyancy, it does not look like a manly dog costume. The bright pink color will keep him or her very visible.

Along with that bright coloring, you get a rescue handle just in case your pet needs a little help out of the water. Its adjusting straps let you find that secure but not too tight fit your dog needs to use this life jacket properly

With a head pillow, your dog’s head should remain above the water line at all times. A tail pillow helps your dog remain afloat as they swim through the water. Then the easy to use buckles let you remove this life jacket when your dog’s friends appear.

Easy to keep clean, this dog life jacket can be washed over and over without ruining it. Just follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Made from tough and durable oxford cloth and green foam board..

6. ASENKU Dog Life Jacket

ASENKU Dog Life Jacket Ripstop Pet Floatation Vest Saver Swimsuit Preserver for Water Safety at The Pool, Beach, Boating

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Made from tough ripstop construction materials, this dog life jacket should last your dog for a long time. The polyester and nylon fabric is comes with a cotton fill liner that keeps your dog nice and comfortable. These materials also help the life jacket to dry very quickly.

Then the comfortable adjustable straps make sure you get a secure fit that is comfortable on your pet. With 5 sizes to choose from, you should be able to find one that will fit your dog without too much trouble.

Also, the chest flotation device helps keep your dog’s chin up. Your dog should be able to power his or her way through the water without worry. Once the life jacket is around your dog, the easy to use buckles snap in and out of place quickly.

The standard rescue handle makes sure you can rescue your dog fast when they are in trouble. It is a great dog accessory when your dog loves the water as much as you do

7. Outward Hound Dawson Dog Life Jacket

Outward Hound Dawson Dog Life Jacket

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Foam padded sides and chest area work hard to keep your dog afloat. They provide the extra bouyancy your dog needs to have a great time in the water. Then the easy to use rescue handles allows you to use two hands to lift your dog out of danger.

Plus, the insulated life jacket doesn’t let the cold water hurt your dog. It keeps him or her warm while still letting them swim safely. Adjustable straps and give you that snug fit that you want. If it gets too tight, just back the fit off a bit.

Also, the quick opening buckles make attaching or unattaching this life jacket easy. A quick push of the clasp and it unlocks without any hassles. In addition to all of this, you get a life vest that is bright red. This color keeps your dog visible so you can find him or her with ease.

This life jacket comes in sizes measuring between XS to Xl. There should be one to fit your dog.

8. Vivaglory Dog Life Jackets

Vivaglory Dog Life Jackets with Extra Padding Pet Safety Vest for Dogs Lifesaver Preserver
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This nice blue colored life jacket helps keep your pet nice and visible on or off the water. If you do not want blue, then there are other nice colors available that do the same job. After you have made your choice, this vest should go on nice and easily.

Its adjustable straps and easy to use buckles make sure you get the right fit. Then the oxford cloth construction fabric works hard to keep rips and tears away. This is a very durable life jacket for your dog to wear.

A front removable flotation device can be adjusted or taken off depending on how it affects your dog and their breathing or swimming abilities. Plus, you get a lot of foam bouyancy with this life jacket.

If your dog does not want to come out of the water, just grab the rescue handles and lift him or her out anyways. To get a nice fit, just use the size chart. This life jacket comes in sizes measuring from XS to XL.

9. Vivaglory New Sports Style Ripstop Dog Life Jacket

Vivaglory New Sports Style Ripstop Dog Life Jacket Safety Vest with Superior Buoyancy & Rescue Handle

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Bright orange is a good color to have on a life jacket. You can see it for miles and it remains visible even under low light conditions. After you put this life vest on your favorite pet, he or she should remain safe.

Just make sure to measure twice before buying. You don’t want the hassle that comes when you purchase the wrong size and have to exchange it. Easy to use fasteners make sure the life jacket is securely on your dog. The adjustable straps help you get the right fit.

Then when you need it, a rescue handle is attached to the top of this life vest. You can reach down and pick up your dog without hurting it. Made from oxford cloth, this life jacket is durable and resists the damage that comes under normal use.

A front flotation device helps your dog see where it is going by keeping its head above water. Keep your dog safe with a top of the line life jacket.

10. Snik-S Dog Life Jacket

Snik-S Dog Life Jacket- Preserver with Adjustable Belt, Pet Swimming Shark Jacket for Short Nose Dog (Pug,Bulldog,Poodle,Bull Terrier)

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Even with the fin on the back, your dog should not be mistaken for a shark. The bright blue coloring on this unit stands out like a sore thumb. Besides the fin, you get a leash ring to keep your dog close to you at all times. It won’t hinder its swimming time unless you put a very short leash on.

Adjustable straps make sure the fit is not too tight. You do not want it too tight as that may interfere with your dog’s breathing. Once you have this on your dog, the polyester, nylon and cotton construction materials keep your dog afloat. These materials combine together to maintain bouyancy and protect against rips and so on.

With adjustable straps and easy closures, you can get the right fit for your dog with ease. They shouldn’t be able to walk out if this life jacket is attached correctly. The chest flotation device makes sure your dog’s head does not sink below the surface.

Some Final Words

protecting your dog is essential. They give so much love that they do not often think about the dangers around them while in the water. These top 10 best dog life jackets in 2019 help keep your pet safe at all times.